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Volume: 7
Chapter 39
Total pages 66
Released 1994
Story Arc Barjack Rebellion Arc
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Panzer Bride (パンツァーの花嫁 Pantsu~ā no hanayome?) is the thirty-ninth chapter and the fourth issue of the seventh volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita poses in a dress while holding the Damascus Blade, with Den's head looking to her right.


As Kaos finishes repairing Alita's circuits, he communicates to her via the radio circuits in her body; after he implies there is a romantic connection between them, Alita fully awakens and slaps him across the room. As Kaos incredulously asks what he did, Alita dresses herself in her suit and tries to establish contact with Lou and TUNED. Kaos replies that he has disabled her TUNED circuits and asks Alita to forsake her mission and stay with him, bringing in a dress for her to try on.

Jasmine entertains Koyomi and confides in her that Kaos has no intentions to harm her or Alita; she then offers to read Koyomi a horoscope for her. She goes on to see that in the near future, an ill omen will occur, with separation and possibly even death occurring. As Koyomi ponders this, both her and Yasmin are surprised to see Kaos running past them out of the trailer, followed soon by Alita wearing the dress given to her.

Alita addresses Kaos and insists that he activates her TUNED circuits once more; Kaos whines about how Alita refuses to stay with him and continue being a servant for Tiphares. He begins to throw a tantrum and hits some of the radio equipment bemoaning how nothing matters anymore; Jasmine quickly tries to reign him in, noting how they are on the air at the moment. Alita then agrees only if Kaos will stop throwing a tantrum; she then thinks back to the promise she and Figure Four made, swearing that she is not cheating on him but merely using Kaos as part of her strategy.

Sometime later, Kaos takes the wheel and begins driving towards where his father is located and would know where Ido is located; when asked by Alita, Kaos reveals that his father is Desty Nova. Suddenly, multiple vehicles appear in front of them and blinds Kaos, forcing him to stop. From the shadows and smoke emerges Den and Barjack; Kaos goes to barter safe passage for them but is refused. Knowing that Alita is with him, Den orders Kaos to submit to his rule and surrender Alita to him. Alita takes her rifle and tells them to flee while she holds Den and Barjack off. Alita quickly jumps off and destroys two vehicles as Kaos, Jasmine and Koyomi begin to flee. Den then orders his forces to stop and offers Alita to join them in destroying Tiphares, knowing that she has a similar desire to destroy the city. Alita buys time for the others and asks if Den truly thinks his forces have a chance at succeeding; upon hearing that they will knock Tiphares out of the sky and destroy the Scrapyard, Alita refuses to join them. As they are driving away, Koyomi insists they go back for Alita; Kaos is currently incapacitated and Jasmine bitterly notes how he favors Alita over herself and has no issues of leaving her to die. Koyomi jumps off and heads back in the direction of Barjack.

After trading blows with Alita for sometime and noticing her quickness, Den remarks how impressed he is over her display of ki but it will not win the battle; Alita unsheathes the Damascus Blade and is eventually able to blind Den by destroying both of his eyes. Despite this, Den is able to weaken her and aims his Spear at her. Fortunately, Lou arrives and is able to save her using the TUNED mobile unit. After reactivating her TUNED circuits, Alita prepares to fight Den once again. Lou contacts Gabriel and drops a Solenoid Quench Gun to her; As Den charges towards her, Alita fires it and the blast destroys Den's right arm. The Barjack soldiers move to defend him, but Den orders them to stay back and continue their mission. He then addresses Tiphares and rages about how the innocent will prevail and come for them after years of serving them and being treated as nothing but lowlifes that live and die for their sake. Alita pauses, then fires one more round which severs Den's torso from his legs.

As this happens, Koyomi, Fury and Lou hear his speech and are dumbfounded by it as it speaks of the Scrapyard's suffering at Tiphares' hands; Lou is more affected due to it shaking her beliefs regarding the citizens of the city. Alita approaches the smoldering ruins of Den and ask just who he is; Den merely responds that he is but a shell and that the real Den cannot be killed. He then demands Alita fire one more round at him; before she can, Koyomi and Fury run to him and block him with their bodies. Alita tells her to get out of the way, but Koyomi refuses and wishes to join Barjack to fight against Tiphares.

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