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Volume: 7
Chapter 40
Total pages 18
Released 1994
Story Arc Barjack Rebellion Arc
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Fork in the Road (道路の分岐点 Dōro no bunkiten?) is the fortieth chapter and the fifth issue of the seventh volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Koyomi and Fury stand in front of the damaged torso of Den, announcing their intent to join Barjack.


As Alita recalls her time with Koyomi as the latter grew up, she asks her to stand aside in order to finish off Den. Koyomi refuses and states that Den's speech opened her eyes and remains resolved to bring down Tiphares in order to show that the way the world works needs to change; when Alita calls her a child for not knowing the truth and threatens to shoot her as well as Den, Koyomi promptly sits down and calls Alita's bluff. Impressed with her resolution, Den picks up Koyomi and formally welcomes her into Barjack.

Alita lowers her weapon and decides that Koyomi is the only one who can choose her destiny. She gets back on the TUNED mobile unit and decides to finish her score with Den another time; before leaving though, she warns Koyomi that she will not hesitate the next time they cross paths. As they go their separate ways, Lou thinks back on Koyomi's declaration and ponders it in silence as Alita travels across the desert.

Back at Radio K.A.O.S., Jasmine notices that Barjack do not seem to be following them but does hope that Koyomi is alright. Kaos awakens and asks about Den; Jasmine responds that they are far enough away and figured that Den would have been more reasonable but instead resorted to violence. She proclaims they are continuing towards Desty Nova's location and both Alita and Koyomi are no longer with them. Kaos immediately orders they go back but Jasmine slaps him and tells him to not be a stubborn child. After sending Kaos to prepare the radio equipment for the nightly broadcast, she thinks back to all the years she stood beside Kaos and inwardly thinks of how he has the potential to change the world due to his psychometry.

Meanwhile, Kaos ironically thinks the opposite and that Jasmine thinks too highly of him. He notices an open latch and is immediately grabbed by several sand ninjas. Before he can warn Jasmine, one sneaks up from behind and kills her by decapitation.


  • Koyomi's background as an abandoned orphan is revealed and how she was taken in by Master.

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