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Volume: 8
Chapter 42
Total pages 22
Released 1994
Story Arc Barjack Rebellion Arc
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The Final Broadcast / PROMISE (最後のラジオ Saigo no Rajio?, Last Radio) is the forty-second chapter and the first issue of the eighth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita and Kaos stand back to back with Tiphares and the Scrapyard shown in silhouette behind them.


Deckmen intimidate Vector

Vector is intimidated by the Deckmen to back out of Barjack's offer

It is mentioned that after his defeat at the hands of Alita, Den was rebuilt and led Barjack to take control of approximately half of the Factory Farms within the Badlands. During this time, Den wondered why Alita did not kill Kaos since she had discovered the truth between both personalities. While this was going on, Vector approached Den and used all of his skills of persuasion to try and broker a deal to spare his Factory workers from Barjack raids; wanting nothing but the destruction of Tiphares, Den refuses to listen to his attempts to make a deal and orders them to be beaten for wasting his time. Koyomi approaches and offers a counter deal; they will agree to his terms only if Vector can get everyone in the Scrapyard relocated out so they would not be harmed by the destruction of the city. Vector warily agrees, but is confronted by the Factory Deckmen upon returning to the Scrapyard; they refuse the offer due to needing the workers for the Factories and pressure Vector into keeping things as they were.

Lou goes in to the GIB one day and notices another person at her console; Bigott appears and mentions there has been a shakeup and that Lou has been moved to another console. She notices that Russell is not there and Bigott merely mentions that he had been released.

Makeshift K.A.O.S.

Alita assembles a makeshift radio tower for Kaos

In the Badlands, Alita sets up a makeshift radio tower for Kaos to use for his nightly broadcast and goes to retrieve him. Meanwhile, Kaos has stayed comatose and hidden inside a TUNED shelter; although he does not recall the fight between his other personality and Alita, he gained the memories of it by touching his katana. As Kaos gets himself ready, Alita looks on and intently watches over him while mentally preparing herself to kill Kaos if he tries to do something that harms himself.

Kaos begins his final broadcast by retelling an incident from his childhood when his father Desty Nova gave him a caged bird. He recalls the feeling of loss and sadness when he freed the bird, only for Nova to laugh at him when it is shot down by a nearby netmen. Kaos goes on to side with Barjack and denounce Tiphares' existence as wrong but cautions Den from firing at the city. As he pledges his life to help form a better future without bloodshed or war, he signs off for the final time. As he does so, many residents contemplate what the future holds for themselves, including Figure Four, Vector, Koyomi, Den, Desty Nova and Ido.

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