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Volume: 8
Chapter 43
Total pages 22
Released 1994
Story Arc Barjack Rebellion Arc
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Testament (水辺の村で / TESTAMENT By the Ocean Village?) is the forty-third chapter and the second issue of the eighth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita excitedly carries the TUNED mobile unit with one hand while running.


Upon arriving at Factory Farm 21, Kaos mentions to Alita that he still has much more growing to do and the courage he displayed during his final broadcast was due to meeting her. As he goes to kiss her, Alita slaps him across the face and while admits that she began to respect him, her heart belongs to Figure Four. Kaos admits that he knew all along (due to his psychometry); this causes Alita to blush and start hitting him again. Eventually, Lou gets to her and reminds her to be quiet due to Factory Farm 21 being among those under control of Barjack. Before parting ways, Kaos reveals that when he switched places with Den, he was able to learn that Ido is likely residing at the settlement. Anxious to see her father figure again, Alita requests Lou disable her TUNED circuitry for half a day.

Taking some clothes to blend in with the residents, Alita enters the settlement and begins to wonder what Ido would be like after being reconstructed by Nova. Suddenly, Ido runs past her towards a patient and doesn't see Alita; she begins thinking about what to say when she notices a young woman staring at her hiding place.

While Kaos leaves the settlement, Lou contacts him and remarks how his final broadcast affected her. While he appreciates her offer to help, Kaos remains steadfast in his resolve to confront his father alone; he bids her goodbye and remarks that he may see her again if the fates determine it. He cuts off contact by admitting that the feeling he felt for her could have very well been due to his psychometry and that because of his condition, he has no true identity.

Alita fights Kayna

Alita and Kayna fight each other

After spotting her, the young woman who was assisting Ido introduces herself as Kayna and correctly deduces that Alita came all the way from the Scrapyard to see the physician. Upon getting confirmation from Alita, several cyborg residents surround her and Kayna requests that Alita leave, due to not wanting anyone from Ido's past to see him. Alita quickly subdues the residents and begins trading blows with Kayna until Ido arrives and angrily breaks them up. While he looks puzzled when Alita calls to him by name, Ido believes that she is a visiting friend of Kayna's; the latter tells Alita to play along with it.

Ido says goodbye

Ido tearfully bids goodbye to Alita before his memories are erased

That night, Kayna takes Alita aside and apologizes for deciding to keep her from seeing Ido; she shows a CD that was given to her by Desty Nova before she and Ido left his service, with instructions to show it to Alita or anyone from Ido's past who came looking for him. In the video, Ido reveals that he was indeed brought back to life by Nova and tried to sabotage the scientist's experiments; he then becomes somber and starts to tearfully laugh as he was shown the Secret of Tiphares by Nova and that it was too much to bear for him. Ido resolves to erase his memories of the discovery in order to keep him from killing himself. He says a tearful goodbye to his loved ones and asks Alita to forgive him for he will no longer remember her after erasing his memories; Ido tells her to find happiness before the video ends.

After she has dinner with them, Alita says she must go back home. Ido suggests she stay the night, but Alita declines. Even though he does not remember her, Ido notes that she is acting as if carrying an extreme sadness. Alita reflects on everything she was going to tell Ido since they last saw one another and laments that she will never have the chance to now. Alita begins to cry as she looks up into the night sky.

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  • The first hints of the 'Secret of Tiphares' is mentioned, revealing that it is damaging enough to mentally break anyone from the city who manages to discover it.

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