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Battle 44
Volume: 8
Chapter 44
Total pages 42
Released 1994
Story Arc Barjack Rebellion Arc
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Inheriting the Beast / SOLID STATE ( 獣の後継?, Kemono no Koukei) is the forty-fourth chapter and the third issue of the eighth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita is seen being monitored on several GIB screens with the Interactive interface swinging in front of the monitors.


After leaving Farm 21, Alita decides to try catching up to Kaos, who is driving through the desert to the Granite Inn to confront his father Desty Nova. She does not respond to Lou's inquiries, due to being deep in thought.

BAA08 62 AR-2

AR-2 reveals itself

While driving, she notices a figure approaching her on foot; Alita swings the Damascus Blade, but is surprised to see the figure avoid it with a Panzer Kunst maneuver. The figure disrobes and Alita is stunned to see an exact duplicate of herself--smirking, with a "2" mark on her forehead--standing before her; Alita then draws her pistol to shoot, but is unable to fire, as her system recognizes the figure as another TUNED agent. She angrily asks Lou why there is a duplicate of her.

Lou is puzzled by this as well, only to notice Director Bigott standing above her. He reveals that it is the first of a series of upgraded models using Alita as a template. Alita protests that they can't use her as a template, only for Bigott to mention it was part of their agreement when he saved her from the disposal unit ten years prior. The final test is a combat simulation between Alita and the unit, designated as AR-2. AR-2 requests that if it wins their battle, it takes Alita's identity; this sets Alita off and charges AR-2 in a fury.

AR-2 terminator face

AR-2 glares at Alita after getting damaged in the face

The two TUNED agents engage each other, and Alita manages to deliver a blow to AR-2 using the Einzug Rüstungen technique, only to deal superficial damage to its face. Enraged, AR-2 overpowers Alita, and is able to tear out her right eye in return. Placing the eye in its mouth, AR-2 goes on to break off Alita's right leg at the knee, further incapacitating her.

Lou pleads to Bigott and AR-2's operator to stop the proceedings, but her pleas fall on deaf ears as Bigott marvels that how the performance is exceeding all expectations. Lou then pulls out a pistol and aims it at AR-2's operator, ordering her to stop the test. Alarmed, Director Bigott tries to calm her down by explaining the triviality of helping a ground dweller. Meanwhile, Alita has her left arm cut off as well by AR-2; she gets a memory of Esdoc telling her to never quit but insists she is tired of fighting. She stops resisting and as AR-2 prepares to deliver the killing blow, Alita accepts her fate by reflecting that she can be reunited with Hugo again.

Lou destroys AR console

Lou disables AR-2's control console

Lou fires several rounds at the control console, destroying it and disabling AR-2; Alita notices this and quickly decapitates AR-2. Back in the GIB, Lou realizes what she's done and Bigott dismisses her from service, ordering her to be taken away by the Medical Inspection units. Despite the loss of AR-2, Bigott is satisfied with the test data and orders the activation of the remaining TUNED AR units to fight Barjack.

Meanwhile, Kaos arrives at the Granite Inn and orders his father to come out. The entrance opens up and Kaos is surprised to see a seemingly functional theme park operating behind it.

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  • The location of Desty Nova's hideout, The Granite Inn, is revealed to be the former military base location of NORAD.

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