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Volume: 8
Chapter 46
Total pages 64
Released 1994
Story Arc Barjack Rebellion Arc
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War Chronicle (ウォークロニクル U~ōkuronikuru?) is the forty-sixth chapter and the fifth issue of the eighth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


The Barjack forces prepare the massive war tank Heng to strike Tiphares.


Koyomi poses with Fury

Koyomi poses for a picture with Fury

Earlier the same day when Kaos and Alita fought their respective battles, the forces of Barjack finish the preparation work on their massive war tank Heng. As they order their wartime photographer Buick to take pictures and document it, Koyomi asks to be photographed as well. As he does so, he remembers how Barjack nearly killed him halfway through their war against Tiphares before he mentioned being a reporter. Deciding to not kill Buick after all, they instead forcibly drafted him into service to document their war. Recounting all the interviews and documentation during the next two years done with both soldiers and even Den, he also recalls the fight he witnessed between the leader of Barjack and Alita, the rumored 'Angel of Death'. Koyomi breaks him out of this trance and jokingly suggests that Buick is in love with Alita; he merely smiles before Koyomi goes off with Fury.

He internally mentions how Alita woke a desire that has lay dormant within him for many years; the urge to kill. Remembering his actual past as a serial killer within the Scrapyard who targeted women, he becomes conflicted and cursing himself for allying with a noble cause while he himself is a lowly degenerate unworthy to do so.

Heng fires at Tiphares

Heng fires a round towards Tiphares

Outside, Barjack loads a massive shell into the nozzle of Heng's cannon. Den gives the order to aim and open fire, but a figure appears on the tip of the barrel and orders them to stand down. Koyomi and Buick both notice it to be Alita but when Fury growls menacingly at the figure, Koyomi notices something feels off about her. The figure flies off the barrel as the cannon fires, sending the round straight towards the shaft of Zalem. The Barjack soldiers cheer at the trajectory but are stunned when the shell explodes after hitting a defense barrier around the city. The artillery chief orders another round loaded as the soldiers question what has just occurred. Inside the GIB, Bigott callously calls the Barjack forces foolish for thinking the city was defenseless. He is informed they are briefly allowed access to the Tiphares defense system Abaddon and orders it to target the massive tank's railgun. Returning fire, Abaddon utterly destroys the tank and the forces around it within seconds.

BAA08 178 Death of AR-10

AR-10 is destroyed in an inferno

Den notices the destruction off in the distance and is shocked by the destruction of his primary war machine. Climbing out of the ruins, Buick becomes ecstatic and begins taking multiple pictures; while this is going on, the surviving foot soldiers engage the Alita resembling unit in combat only to get wiped out with her superior TUNED weaponry. Completely losing his frame of mind, Buick ignores the screams for help and continues taking more pictures while reveling in the carnage and destruction. He comes upon Koyomi who is clinging to Fury and facing down the barrel of the Alita lookalike's weapon. Still thinking it to be Alita, Koyomi curses it and calls her a monster; the unit inquires what she knows about her, confirming Koyomi's suspicions. The unit mockingly states that Alita was weak and disposed of. Fury lunges at the figure only to be struck by several bees and injured. Before it can fire, Buick suddenly pops up and, thinking it to still be Alita, requests to interview it. The unit merely shoots Buick through the chest before getting set upon by Fury once more. Fury lunges at the unit's throat and, while careening through the air, the unit crashes into the ground and bursts into flame; the unit screams out in pain as both it and Fury burn to death in the inferno.

Koyomi goes over to Buick and notices he is dying from his numerous wounds; before he dies, Buick hands his camera to her to carry on his work. She notices Den nearby who calls off the surviving forces to switch to guerilla tactics, effectively ending the wide scale attack on Tiphares. She overhears Den will sacrifice himself in a suicide charge and asks for him to take her as well. When Den refuses and points out there is no returning from this, Koyomi insists that she wants to go out with him in the same attack; impressed by her determination once more, Den scoops Koyomi up and they both charge forwards.

Debut Appearances[]



  • Heng (Barjack tank and rail gun)
  • Abaddon (Tiphares defense system)


  • It is revealed that despite its appearance, Tiphares is armed with defensive shields and weapons in case of either ground or aerial attack)
  • The genesis of Den, along with Barjack's war against Tiphares occurred five years prior.

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