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Volume: 8
Chapter 47
Total pages 42
Released 1994
Story Arc Barjack Rebellion Arc
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Ouroboros 1 ( ウロボロス1 Uroborosu 1?) is the forty-seventh chapter and the final issue of the eighth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita prepares to enter the Granite Inn and capture Desty Nova.


Alita traverses through pipes

Alita travels through the Granite Inn sewerway

Bigott internally comments to himself about how Alita changes her persona from emotional to concentrated in such a short span of time, but believes any android should be capable of doing so. He informs her that they have defeated Barjack while Alita was unconscious before ordering her to go inside. As she travels through the supply lines, Alita tells Bigott that Den had approached her to join Barjack but declined; Bigott simply remarks that it was a wise decision for her to make and reminds Alita that she is to take Desty Nova alive.

Inside the Granite Inn, Nova takes Kaos captive and secures him to a table; he is informed that Alita is at their location and using a side route due to suspecting the main entrance being a trap. He orders Barzarld to find her location. He eventually does so and triggers a flood in the supply lines. Before Alita or Bigott can react, the former is swept away and loses the TUNED mobile unit. Finding herself in a underground sewage system, Alita recovers and begins navigating through them. She suddenly begins to hear cheering sounds and Bigott orders her to exercise caution; suddenly, Alita finds herself back on a motorball circuit and facing against the former champion Jashugan. She is quickly attacked by Jashugan who demands she show him what she has learned since they last faced each other. Alita gets to her feet and laments that she did not get a chance to learn more from him before his death on the track; the two rivals square off, with Jashugan stating they have all the time necessary now.

Nova laughs at Alita and Kaos

Nova gloats over capturing Alita

In reality, Nova hacked her TUNED circuitry via his Ouroboros program and rendered her unconscious with Bigott locked out and unable to control her. As he frantically tries to regain control, Nova appears to him and says it is useless; Alita is under his control and expresses a desire to experiment on her brain. Instead of outrage, Bigott remarks how amazed he is by Nova's ability to take over a TUNED agent; he offers Nova to use Alita however he wishes, along with offering to welcome him back to Tiphares. Caught off-guard by this, Nova harshly orders Kaos to stop his futile efforts to awaken Alita before enjoying some flan to celebrate his victory. Addressing Bigott, he wonders why he should accept the offer due to his experiments going against Tipharean law and that anyone banned from the city is not allowed back.

Nova agrees to return to Zalem

Nova agrees to return to Tiphares

Bigott affirms that while this is true, both the central computer Melchizedek and LADDER have shown interest in Nova returning; upon hearing this, Nova quickly changes his mind and agrees to the offer. He decides to finish experimenting on Alita before returning to the city, grabbing a laser bonesaw to begin cutting into her. Meanwhile, Alita continues to fight the mental projection of Jashugan and is beaten back several times. She submits to him being the superior fighter but Jashugan orders her back to her feet. He mentions he has reached the pinnacle of his strength while she still has just scratched the surface and tells her struggling and worry are the ways to find your true measure of power. Alita faces off against him and eventually severs his left arm. Pleased with what she's done, Jashugan embraces Alita and tells her to live in order to reach her potential before he disappears; Alita awakens from the Ouroboros and winces as Desty Nova, Kaos and Bigott look on shocked and amazed at her willpower to survive.

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  • During a conversation between Alita and the mental projection of Jashugan, it is revealed that twelve years have passed after Alita defeated Jashugan to become motorball champion
  • It is revealed that anyone exiled from Tiphares is not permitted to return to the city.

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