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Volume: 9
Chapter 50
Total pages 30
Released 1994
Story Arc Barjack Rebellion Arc
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Last Blade (ラストブレード Rasutoburēdo?) is the fiftieth chapter and the third issue of the ninth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Koyomi K. is seen looking around fearfully while standing in front of Den.


Den charges

Den charges through enemy forces

After the forces of Barjack were annihilated by the Tiphares weapon Abaddon, Den and Koyomi rush towards the Factory forces in a suicide charge. While Den tramples to death many innocent civilians, Koyomi mocks them for not leaving when they had a chance to. When asked by Den if she is willing to die, Koyomi responds yes due to the deaths of Fury, Buick and many of the other Barjack soldiers who perished in the attack; just then, an energy projection of Kaos appears and mocks Den for being a coward. Den takes offence to this and rams his spear through Kaos, yet it does not damage him in anyway. Den destroys much of the city and claims Kaos does not know anything about him and is in no position to call him an artificial being.

Den beats Nova and Barzarld

Den nearly kills Nova and Barzarld

Den reveals that he is the darker half of Kaos, having first manifested itself when Kaos was a small child. When he was a teenager, Den took over Kaos and brutally beat Desty Nova nearly to death but was sedated before he struck the killing blow; having recovered and separated Den from his son, Nova awakens Den in his first body. The scientist admits he admires strong willed individuals like Den and sends him on his way; wandering the desert seeking purpose in life, Den notices in the distance the city of Tiphares and vows to bring about its destruction no matter what the cost may be.

Den sacrifices Koyomi

Den decides to leave Koyomi behind, dangling her above her father

Den moves past Kaos and as he continues through the city, a drunken man stumbles in front of him; Koyomi is shocked to see that it is her father Master. He begs Den to release his daughter but Koyomi merely orders Den to crush him and keep going. Den picks up Koyomi and hangs her high above the ground; she and Master both scream in fear and Den mockingly asks Kaos how he intends to stop him from dropping the girl. He repeats Koyomi's statement on how she is not afraid to die and then lets her go; she falls to the ground but is caught by Master, breaking his legs. As she screams for a doctor, Koyomi tearfully reconciles with her father.

The final attack of Den

Den strikes a tube leading to Tiphares

Den ignores the two and continues towards Tiphares; Kaos notices that the explosion he caused earlier in the GIB reactivated the Factory defenses as they are now firing upon Den. The latter ignores the damage to himself, internally reciting a poem as he is shot at repeatedly by sentries. Eventually, Den reaches one of the factory tubes connecting Tiphares to the Scrapyard. Proclaiming he will not return to Kaos' body, Den strikes the tube with his sword which breaks; he then gazes upon the city one more time before declaring he willing chooses death. His body then breaks apart and crumbles next to the tube. Koyomi tearfully takes a few more pictures and promises to share Den's story with the world.


  • The poem Den recites to himself during his charge towards Tiphares is part of a medieval Latin Goliardic manuscript known as Carmina Burana, dating from the 11th to 12th Century.

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