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Volume: 9
Chapter 51
Total pages 30
Released 1994
Story Arc Barjack Rebellion Arc
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Epitaph (エピタフ Epitafu?) is the fifty-first chapter and the final issue of the ninth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita and all her various different bodies used throughout the series are shown.


Granite Inn destroyed

The Granite Inn is destroyed

Alita is able to restart Kaos' heart and brings him back from the brink of death. Panting, he asks aloud if they are still in the Granite Inn. He informs Alita that Den is dead and his alternate persona no longer exists. As the underground systems begin failing and alarms go off throughout the complex, Desty Nova's headless body begins to slightly twitch as the Granite Inn begins to self destruct.

Alita contemplates her future

Alita ponders about what to do now that she is free

Seeing the Granite Inn destroyed, both Alita and Kaos wonder what they will do next. Kaos tells Alita that he has plans to return to the Scrapyard and begin a project inspired by Lou. She informed Kaos of wishing to have both the Tiphareans and the Scrapyard denizens live peacefully so both sides can better understand the other. Calling her idea 'The Tower of Tiphares' and knowing that she would be fired (and likely killed by her superiors), Lou downloads and hands over all pertinent information regarding it to Kaos. He vows to follow her wish and spend as much time convincing others that it is worth attempting, even if it takes several decades or even centuries. Alita is invited to come with him, but she declines, wishing to return to Figure Four; she goes on to remark how it is strange how she is free to do whatever she wants for the first time in her life. They both part ways, with Kaos summoning his mole men to follow him towards the Scrapyard.

Alita blown up

Alita is blown up by Nova's bomb

Driving through the night, Alita thinks back to the time when Hugo once asked if she has a dream. Thinking to herself that she still feels empty and tossed about, Alita smiles upon how she will soon be reunited with Figure; just then, a child appears in front of her buggy and is struck by Alita. Worried about its safety, Alita leaves the vehicle and goes over to the body. Wondering why a child is doing out in the mountains by itself in the middle of the night, she turns it over and the child wraps itself around her; as it begins to laugh, a ticking sound is heard and Alita recognizes the laugh as sounding similar to Desty Nova. Realizing too late that it is a bomb, Alita is unable to escape its grasp and it explodes, destroying her and leaving a large crater near the buggy.

Desty Nova's headless body appears from behind a hill and it is shown that the scientist had a backup brain-bio chip installed in his stomach; he starts laughing in triumph over his victory and begins looking for any remains of Alita as Support System Gabriel arrives to take him back to Tiphares.

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