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Battle 6
BAA01 194 Battle 6
Volume: 1
Chapter 6
Japanese title 戦う天使
Romanized title Naraku no Wana
English title Battle Angel
Conquering Angel (Viz)
Subtitle Struggle
Total pages 27 (24 in VIZ Media Edition)
Released 1991
Story Arc Makaku Arc
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Conquering Angel (戦う天使 Tatakau Tenshi?), subtitled Struggle is the sixth chapter of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita with eye black slicked under her eyes.


Makaku is incredulous that Alita was able to cut through the 40 mm armor of his Power Body so easily. As Alita realizes that her moves, including slicking the eye black under her eyes were done instinctively, Makaku has the Boarhead computer at his waist codify Alita's new actions. It analyzes the Plasma Jet that Alita used to destroy his arm, coming to the conclusion that it is impossible to defend against her destructive force with the body's armor. While advancing towards Makaku, Alita realizes that she now has a seething drive to fight in place of the fear was previously with her, just as the Boarhead advises him to finish her off at range with the grind cutters. He fires all five cutters simultaneously, but the unexpected recoil from the loss of his arm unbalances his body, making the cutters miss. Alita reaches Makaku's arm and slides along it, prompting him to slam it into a wall. She dodges this and flies into the air to land on top of his head. The Boarhead declares that this is "game over."

As Alita prepares to fire a plasma strike into Makaku's head and kill him, he stalls for time by revealing that he deliberately entered the sewers, which he knows intimately. He is saved just in time as the sewage from the surface tanks of the Scrapyard is dumped onto the very spot where he is standing. Farther away, Duke Fang proceeds through the sewers with Koyomi. Inside the powerful current, Alita is unable either to control her movements or form plasma. Makaku positions himself so that he is facing her with his back to the current to give him support to fire the grind cutters. Just before he does so, he pulls off and destroys the Boarhead for its impudence in telling him that it was "game over" when Alita landed on his head. After deciding to take off her legs first, he fires the grind cutters, but his arm unexpectedly explodes.

The current empties into a large underground lake, throwing Makaku onto shore. When he questions how his arm could have exploded into bits, Alita reveals that she had earlier carved an incision into its actuators so that it would explode the next time power was sent through it to fire the grind cutters.


  • Alita's carving of the incision into Makaku's arm with plasma were incorporated into the fight between Gally and Grewcica in the OVA.

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