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Angel Eternal
Angel Reborn cover
Cover characters Alita
Release date
Japanese release July 19, 2001
ISBN 978-4-08-876188-6
First English release July 23, 2003
ISBN 978-1-56931-824-9

Angel Reborn is the first volume of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order and picks up where the original story left off after Alita was killed by Desty Nova with a powerful doll bomb.


Alita throwing a punch in the middle of some large pipes. This illustration was also used as the pinup for the December 2000 issue of Ultra Jump.[1]

Phase 1[]

Alita is rebuilt on Tiphares by Nova and his assistant, Jim Roscoe, who learns about her background. During the process Alita recalls her first memories on Mar of how she met Erica and Gelda and was introduced to Panzer Kunst. She then awakens in a new body.

Phase 2[]

After finding the body of a brutally murdered Nova, Alita learns that she is now equipped with the Imaginos Body. When three Tipharean teenagers suddenly burst in pursued by a Medical Inspection Bureau killer robot, Alita battles the robot, getting smashed through one of the outer walls of Tiphares.

Phase 3[]

After defeating the robot, Alita learns the names of the three teenagers, Nola Lafargue, Pam Mahan, and David Frank. They take her through a ruined city that has been thrown into civil war. After being taken to meet their leader, Jim Roscoe, she learns that the chaos was triggered by Nova's public revelation of the brain bio-chips. However she refuses to join the group of young adults and children led by Jim and leaves, with Pam and Nola in tow.

Phase 4[]

The following morning Jim leads a band of followers to break into the M.I.B. Core Block. However they are soon confronted by a band of adults led by Jim's C.C.M., Casey Roscoe. At a theater, Alita is confronted by one of the surviving TUNED AR Series 2 androids, Sechs.

Phase 5[]

Nova II and two more of the surviving AR Series 2, Elf and Zwölf, along with a deckman, Deckman 100, appear. Sechs reveals that her motivation for fighting Alita is to claim her right to exist by replacing her. While they battle, Casey's band overwhelms Jim's followers, but he manages to escape them.

Phase 6[]

The fight between Sechs and Alita ends with the former's defeat. Jim makes it into the Core Block, where he sees for himself the instruments that were used to create the Tiphareans. Nova II reveals that he has developed a process to recreate himself whenever he dies, effectively rendering him immortal, before inviting Alita to join him and along with Elf and Zwölf, who recover Sechs, to Ketheres. Alita is left with Deckman 100. Jim unleashes his monster, Sachumodo, on Casey and his followers, just before he is shot through the throat with an arrow.


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