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Angel Eternal
Angel Eternal cover
Cover characters Alita surrounded by Robo-Asyl robots
Release date
Japanese release September 19, 2002
ISBN 978-4-08-876350-7
First English release March 10, 2004
ISBN 978-1-59116-135-6

Angel Eternal is the third volume of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A nude Alita surrounded by various robots from Robo-Asyl.

Phase 13[]

Alita, Nova II, Elf and Zwölf, Sechs and Deckman 100 arrive in Ketheres via the orbital elevator, where they are welcomed by Aga Mbadi, the Assistant Chairman of LADDER. After he reveals that Nova was created by the G.E.N.E. Project, Mbadi uses cube polymers to seize Nova and trap the others by hacking their bodies. Although he has to physically be in contact with Alita to hack her, she is also trapped by a polymer. They are then ejected into space.

Phase 14[]

Ping Wu ensnares the group with a net and takes them back to Robo-Asyl on Ketheres, where he unlocks Alita's polymer. Meanwhile Nova II's brain bio-chip is extracted while Mbadi meditates prior to a LADDER session. Ping makes a deal with Alita to help recover Lou Collins' brain and bids goodbye to the leader of the Robo-Asyl robots, Landa Nam Nam, as he has found a reason to live again.

Phase 15[]

Alita learns from Ping that Lou's brain is likely part of the Brain Incubator on Ketheres. He reveals that his plan is to enter the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament and use it as cover to recover the brain. The pair then spy on the 1355th session of LADDER, during which the current state of the world is revealed. When the topic shifts to Mars, Aga Mbadi calls in a delegation from the Mars Kingdom Parliament.

Phase 16[]

Led by Queen Limeira, the delegation is supported by Mbadi and succeeds in obtaining support for an operation to recover Olympus Spaceport. After the session Mbadi has an audience with Limeira, revealing to her the truth behind the death of Lakshmi, the only woman he loved, more than a century ago. Ping and Alita with her companions stow away on the Kingdom Parliament's spaceship when it departs Ketheres, but they are discovered by Zazie.

Phase 17[]

Alita and Zazie fight each other in zero gravity, during which Alita begins to recall some key Panzer Kunst lessons that she learned from Gelda. Zazie is about to self-destruct to kill Alita and protect Limeira, but the queen's intervention stops her and Alita rescues Limeira when she drifts away from the ship.

Phase 18[]

After arriving on Leviathan I, Ping and Alita head to the Combat Chamber, where Ping finds his former girlfriend, Rem Rei. Although their reunion is not pleasant, she takes him to the home of his former partner in crime, Martin Tsang. Alita learns more about Ping's past while he gets into a fight with Martin, that turns into a brawl. The morning after Ping declares that he will storm Ketheres again, Alita's Imaginos Body is repaired by Deckman 100.

NG Life Theater[]

Catechism of Life!![]

Alita has trouble putting on some pants until she is helped by Sachumodo.

Midnight Battle!![]

Aga Mbadi hacks Alita while she sleeps.

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