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Haunted Angel
Haunted Angel cover
Cover characters Sechs
Elf and Zwölf
Release date
Japanese release March 19, 2004
ISBN 978-4-08-876590-7
First English release April 12, 2005
ISBN 978-1-59116-282-7

Haunted Angel is the fifth volume of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Sechs wielding the Titan Blade with Elf and Zwölf flying through the air.

Phase 25[]

The Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT) begins, with Sechs debuting the Fizziroy Body and Elf and Zwölf dressing in bunny suits. The Space Angels cruise through the Preliminary round despite Alita's inability to get into the fighting. Following the match Aga Mbadi congratulates the Space Angels in person in front of Combat TV cameras, offering to shake Alita's hand.

Phase 26[]

Despite the others' apprehension of getting hacked again, Alita shakes Mbadi's hand. He is blocked from hacking her by Ping Wu, after which he recognizes the defense program as belonging to the Weasel from a century ago. In a secluded hallway in the Onion Frame, Mbadi comes face to face with Caerula Sanguis. At the Metageitnion Restaurant, the Space Angels are relaxing when a number of young children from the Stellar Nursery Society (SNS) appear. Alita is nearly provoked into a fight by a Venusian couple who express interest in eating the children. Mbadi and Caerula, who have not seen each other in years, catch up and she foils an attempt by Mbadi's New Order bodyguards to surround her. Mbadi turns down her invitation to fight and leaves. Saya, an SNS nursery school teacher, bails Alita out and she discovers that the Space Angel's Round 1 opponent will be the SNS team, the Guntroll.

Phase 27[]

A flashback reveals that month ago the SNS' asteroid base was destroyed by the Jovians during Operation Lawnmower. Unable to find asylum, they entered the ZOTT as the Guntroll. Just before Round 1 starts Alita is torn between her obligation to recover Lou Collins' brain and her reluctance to fight the Guntroll, whose mission is to protect children. After her motives are questioned by Colonel Payne, Alita refuses to take the field, leaving it to Sechs, Elf, and Zwölf.

Phase 28[]

The trio face Getz and Koen, who they manage to defeat thanks to some teamwork. Before Sechs can finish Getz off for challenging his simplistic view of the world, Qu Tsang and Niz appear.

Phase 29[]

Sechs faces Niz, while Elf and Zwölf take on Qu Tsang. Niz puts up a furious fight despite being outmatched by Sechs. Tsang handily defeats Elf and Zwölf and calls for Alita to enter the fight.

Phase 30[]

After Sechs is able to launch a counterattack against Niz, he is nearly blasted into space, but is able to finish Niz off with his Solenoid Quench Gun. Alita then begins to pull herself together.

Phase 31[]

Despite some initial difficulties, Qu Tsang finishes off Sechs. Caerula reveals to Saya that the ZOTT's real purpose is to preserve the status quo. Alita then appears on the field and swiftly manages to punch through Tsang's midsection.

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