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Beck (ベック Bekku?) was a hunter-warrior and a member of a group known as the Kansas Hunter Club who became Alita's friends and allies.


Beck was a bald cyborg similar in appearance to Skull. He wore a light coloured jacket, pants, and dark boots.


Beck was a regular at Bar Kansas and appears to have been friends with some of the other hunter-warriors there. Although he was caught in the brawl that drew in a large group of them on Alita's first visit, the relationship between them improved and he became a member of the Kansas Hunter Club. He helped in the investigation of the attack on Alita by the Sonic Finger and was part of her plan to take him on. Beck and several of the other hunter-warriors were also quick to try to avenge Gonzu when he was killed by Zapan.


As he was armed with a combat knife, Beck presumably had some skill in knife fighting.


BAA05 54 Demo

Alita uses Beck to demonstrate in Battle 25.

Battle Angel Alita[]

When Alita first visited Bar Kansas, Beck was one of the hunter-warriors who tried to take her on after she insulted their manhood by calling them cowards. Two years later Beck was one of the patrons at Bar New Kansas when Alita performed one of her songs.[1] The next day he investigated the corpses of Tank Man and an unnamed hunter-warrior after they were killed by Zapan. He was one of Alita’s students at a fighting lesson she gave in the Bar New Kansas courtyard a few days later, being used for a demonstration in how to block a knife attack. Beck was present when Zapan showed up at New Kansas in the Berserker Body and died while attacking him along with the other hunter-warriors when they tried to avenge Gonzu's death.

Supersonic Fingers[]

Set in ES 579[2] three months after Alita defeated Jashugan, the Kansas Hunter Club gathered together to track down Alita's assailant. This turned out to be a notorious criminal known as the Sonic Finger. All five hunter-warriors helped Alita with her plan to confront him in an abandoned foundry. Beck was the first to spot the Sonic Finger, but was shot in the heart immediately after spotting him and had to put himself in bypass mode to survive, removing himself from the fight.


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