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Beltram (ベルトラム Berutoramu?) was a Künstler who was part of Yoko's squad during her original final mission. The mission was later retconned by Last Order. Bertram's character design was reused to create the character Parabellum in Mars Chronicle.


Beltram was a young man with short, fair hair who had the distinctive Panzer Kunst eye black and wore the number 55 on his chest. He was equipped with a light coloured male-pattern Künstler cyborg body. At the time of his death he was missing all four of his limbs.


Unlike Yoko (Alita), Beltram had started to question what he and his fellow Künstlers were fighting for, revealing that he had something of a conscience and was not as ruthless as Yoko or Leader.


Beltram was presumably a skilled Künstler.


BAA09 166 Death of Beltram

Beltram's death.

Beltram was part of a group of Künstlers whose final mission was the destruction of Ketheres Elyion and Earth's orbital ring. He was serving under Yoko and had been severely wounded during his previous mission, losing all of his limbs. He had blown up a habitat dome filled with children, leading him to question what the group was fighting for following their rigorous Panzer Kunst training. When he questioned Yoko as to why she fought, she responded that she fought for her homeland, leading him to remark that going on a suicide mission before being able to use all she had learned seemed a waste. Beltram was in the process of confessing that he had always loved Yoko, but before he could finish she carried out an order to dispose of the wounded by stabbing him in the head while covering his eyes, calling him a weakling.[1]


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