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For the manager of Team Spandau, see Ben (Team Spandau).

Ben (ベン Ben?) was a member of the Bradley Shelter and along with Tucum and Nquku, comprised the site transport team working on Merlin.


Ben had dark hair and a full beard. He wore light coloured glasses with slit lenses and the warm Eskimo clothing favored by the residents of the Bradley Shelter.


Loyal to Arthur Farrell, Ben was one of the members of the search party that was put together to search for Haruka. He was furious when they discovered that she had been killed by Victor Byron.


As he equipped himself with a bow and arrows to fight Victor Byron, Ben was presumably skilled enough to wield them.


Ben and the rest of the team working on Merlin were introduced when Arthur Farrell showed it to Vilma Fachiri in ES 126. Later that night he joined a search party led by Arthur to search for Haruka when she failed to return and was silently furious at Vilma when Haruka was found. The following day, Ben witnessed Merlin's prophecy and accompanied Arthur when the latter set off to defeat the Type-V mutants after being named the new leader of the Bradley Shelter by Marcus, armed with a bow and arrows. When they found Vilma and Victor fighting on top of the Gateway Arch, Arthur had Ben take 40 men to flank them from the right. It is not clear if he survived the fight to witness humanity's triumph over the Type-V mutants.