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Big Generator
BAA05 17 Big Generator
Gally singing Big Generator in Battle 23.
Artist Yes
Genre Pop rock
Length 4:32
Appears in Battle 23

"Big Generator" (ビッグ・ジェネレイター Biggu Jenereitā?) is a song by Yes that appears on their 1987 album, Big Generator. The second half of it was originally sung in the Japanese version of Gunnm by Gally in Bar New Kansas, but the lyrics were reworked for the English release by Viz Media, most likely to avoid copyright issues. Notably this change also affected the audience's responses at two parts in the song, indicating that they are familiar with it: they originally belted out the words "Big Generator!" near the beginning and the final word at the end, "Movin!" In the English release they instead cheered "Alita!" at these two parts.


Original Japanese version[1] English version[2]
Like the black and white of love
Be the focus
Be the chorus

Big Generator
Hands upon the whell (sic)

Big Generator! (crowd)

In for the kill/
Second nature comes alive
Even if you close your eyes
We exist through this strange device
Moving to the left
Moving to the right
Big Generator
Moving through the night
We are the voices of the
Big Generator/
Flying out the soft machine we offer
All surprise to you
Praise oh praise this anthem generator

Movin! (crowd)

In the dark I'll see you

...Like an angel...
No matter how you try
...Like an angel...
Angel's descension
You've nowhere to run and
Nowhere to hiiiiide!

Alita! (crowd)

Angel's descension
Your time is nigh!
Your soul is mine!
...Always mine...
You try to claw
You try to fight
But on I come
Moving through the night
My wings enfold
Your shivering form
And as you sleep
I'll take you hooome!
Your soul is mine!
...Always mine...

Alita! (crowd)


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  2. Battle 23, Viz Media version