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Bigott Eizenburg (ビゴットアイゼンバーグ Bigottoaizenbāgu?) was a man who resided in the city of Tiphares and worked in the government agency known as Ground Investigation Bureau as one of the agency leaders. He worked extensively with TUNED to seek out possible agent members as well as occasionally a handler for agents.


Bigott was a fairly tall man with light colored hair, large ears and piercing light colored eyes. He was often seen wearing a dark turtleneck shirt or sweater and a long overcoat. As a citizen of TIphares, Bigott bore a small tattoo of the Tipharean symbol on his forehead. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts him as having white hair and wearing a black shirt and a dark grey overcoat.[1]


Completely driven by his objectives, Bigott was known to be extremely strict and did things by the book; any diversions from the mission would led to him expressing frustration, ranging from disappointment to outrage regarding how serious it was. As a high ranked member of Tiphares and the GIB, he was able to override decisions and verdicts made by the Deckmen and other servants down on the surface; despite this, it does not allow Bigott access to other parts of the Tipharean government and was shocked (and later horrified) to hear the revelation of the brain bio-chips.

While he was single minded and unwavering in his convictions, he was open to bending some of the rules for his agents and subordinates although this was in extremely rare cases. During his first interaction with Lou, Bigott mentioned that he preferred the company of men over women, implying that he was either gay or bisexual.[2]


Dr. Russell[]

Although it is not known if they interacted much, it is presumed that Bigott at least had a cordial relationship with Russell due to both of them working in the GIB.

Lou Collins[]

The relationship between Bigott and Lou started off poorly and it is implied that he detested her for wrongly believing him to be a predator of women. He would also hold her in contempt for siding with Alita over the GIB and have her taken away to be killed by the Medical Inspection Bureau after Lou rebelled against the organization.


Via surveillance from one of his TR-55 units, Bigott had great aspirations for Alita as part of TUNED. However, once she joined, they would often bicker due to their conflicting personalities. After roughly ten years, it is believed that he began to harbor some doubts due to Alita constantly helping others and getting sidetracked instead of solely focusing on completing work for the GIB. It is notable that he never addressed Alita by name, exclusively referring to her by her TUNED designation of A-1.

Desty Nova[]

As a wanted criminal, Bigott had a poor relationship with Desty Nova and requests that he be brought in at all costs. However, this would turn into admiration upon Nova hacking into the GIB and essentially rendering him unable to control Alita. This would go on to have Bigott breaking one of the main rules of Tipharean society and extend an offer to allow Nova to return to the city.


At some point in his life, Bigott received the mark of Tiphares, indicating that he became a fully fledged member of the city. He also formed a covert agency known as the Ground Investigation Bureau to wipe out any possible threats to Tiphares from the surface; to seek out agents, he deployed thousands of TR-55 surveillance drones to the surface and had them record all activities their owners did and any relevant data would be sent directly to him for analysis.



Bigott offers to save Alita

Bigott offers to save Alita if she works for him

Eventually, Bigott received data from one particular TR-55 unit nicknamed Kimji about its owner who showed great potential in becoming a TUNED agent: a motorball competitor named Alita who became champion in only a few months. Witnessing her entire twelve race career, her training of other Scrapyard citizens in combat and the battle against Zapan, Bigott decided that she would be a perfect fit for his organization. He discovered her inside Factory 33 scheduled to be destroyed and ordered the trash compactor to stop, saving her life. He made contact to Alita through her mind, appearing on a monitor inside a brightly lit room. Bigott informed Alita that she was dying and he could save her if she agreed to work for him as one of his agents. He mentioned that their ultimate goal would be to stop a rogue scientist named Desty Nova, but said that the choice would ultimately lie with Alita herself. He smiled as she agreed to become a TUNED agent, sending Alita's remains to be repaired and refitted inside a TUNED body.[3]

Bigott monitors Alita

Bigott monitors Alita's progress through the Badlands

Over the next approximate ten years, Bigott served as Alita's operator in TUNED. Eventually, he discovered a lead that could reveal the location of Desty Nova's whereabouts in the Badlands; Nova was found to be in league with the bandit group Barjack, who had been attacking Factory Trains. Knowing that a bandit attack would be imminent, Bigott ordered Alita to travel aboard one of the Factory Trains travelling to Farm 12. He stayed in contact and provided support to help Alita defeat the gang of bandits.[4] However, he began to show dismay that Alita did not promptly abandon Figure Four and Yolg, the two other survivors from the train derailment after they escaped the nuclear blast radius of the train after it exploded. Eventually, he criticized her decision and reminds her of the importance of finding Nova; however, he does allow Alita a few minutes to fight Figure Four after the latter goads her into fighting him.[5]

Bigott and Russell

Bigott discusses with Russell about miracles and fate

After Alita leaves on a buggy, Bigott notices an oncoming cyclone that will ravage the area and advises her to leave the area as soon as possible. However, when Alita goes back for Figure and Yolg, Bigott orders her to leave them behind and gets mad once she talks back to him. Getting more frustrated with her, Bigott orders Alita to obey him but loses contact due to her getting swept up by the cyclone; he angrily slams his fist on his desk and curses Alita for disobeying him.[6] Eventually, Bigott is able to establish contact again and notices that Alita somehow has managed to survive with Figure and notices that a sudden rainstorm is pouring over the desert area they are in; both himself and an observing Russell check to see if there was a freak weather pattern that occurred due to one of their satellites, but they come up fruitless. As Russell goes to leave, Bigott asks if he believes in miracles; after getting a positive response, Bigott orders both Alita and Figure be rescued.[7]

Barjack Rebellion Arc[]

Deciding to bring in another operator named Lou Collins to help curb Alita's defiant behavior, Bigott notices her outside the GIB facility and offers to assist Lou in finding the control room; the route he shows her leads Lou to believe he wants to assault her and accuses him of being a sexual predator. Flummoxed by this and angered by the accusation, Bigott dismisses Lou's attempts to apologize and leaves her in the care of Russell. He continues to monitor Alita from a distance while he begins to compile all the data gained by her to begin production of a new series of soldiers for TUNED. Eventually, he brings in other operators for the units and reassigns Lou to a different console.

Bigott orders AR series deployed

Satisfied with the test results from Alita and AR-2's fight, Bigott orders the other units brought online

Satisfied with the production of the AR series, Bigott orders a combat test be run against Alita and the first of the AR series, AR-2. He overlooks the battle between the two and is pleased with the results, commenting that it is beyond even their lofty expectations. Bigott is surprised when Lou pulls out a pistol and threatens both him and the operator of AR-2; he tries to reason with her over how she is acting unreasonable and that Alita is merely just a surface dweller, but Lou still shoots several rounds into AR-2's console and destroys it. Disappointed with her decision, Bigott relieves Lou of her duty and has her taken away while ordering the remaining AR units brought online to fight Barjack.[8]

Bigott gets word from one of the operators that Barjack has unveiled their primary weapon to strike Tiphares; the war machine Heng. Upon them firing a round at the city, Bigott smirks as the round strikes the shield barrier protecting Tiphares and calls them childish for thinking the city was unprotected; he authorizes the brief usage of Abaddon and wipes out the majority of the Barjack forces convened at the site in the resulting explosion.[9] In the meantime, Bigott takes over control of Alita once again and after shocking her back to consciousness, orders her to complete the mission. He informs Alita that Lou sacrificed herself to save her and that she can retire from TUNED work upon completion of her mission. Bigott tells Alita about Barjack's destruction and notes that it was wise of her to reject Den's offer to join them. Upon reaching the Granite Inn, Bigott monitors the area as she makes her way into the sewer system.

As Alita gets caught by a flood rushing through, Bigott laughs and does not believe Alita's pleas about getting swept off-course; she does so and upon locating her in a large treatment room, Bigott chastises her for losing the TUNED mobile unit. He becomes concerned when Alita reports the sounds of cheering through the corridors, and advises her to be on high alert. Bigott suddenly finds himself locked out of control and unable to revive Alita, who's been taken captive by Nova. As he frantically tries to regain control, Nova also hacks into his TUNED station and greets the director. Caught by surprise over how quickly and efficiently Nova has hacked the TUNED systems, Bigott's concern is replaced with awe and amazement; he compliments Nova's skill and offers to give up Alita to his experiments. He also offers to grant Nova citizenship back to Tiphares, something that is forbidden for exiles.

Nova talks with Bigott

Bigott discusses with Nova about granting the latter's citizenship back to Tiphares

As Nova mentions that it is against the rules of Tipharean society to allow exiles back inside the city, Bigott affirms this to be true; however, due to both the central processing system and LADDER expressing interest in Nova returning, this is an exception to the rule. Bigott smiles as Nova agrees to the request and quickly gives up Alita to the mad scientist. He becomes greatly surprised when Alita is able to break free of Nova's Ouroboros program on her own.[10]

When Alita shoots a few rounds near Nova and begins to beat him, Bigott becomes enraged and demands she stand down with the threat of sending the rest of the TUNED AR Series 2 to kill her; he is flummoxed by her welcoming the challenge and continues to wrestle with the hacked system and trying to gain control of Alita. He becomes puzzled when both Alita and Nova begin discussing a secret of Tiphares that apparently is withheld from all Tipharean citizens. When Nova madly grabs a bonesaw and begins cutting into his head, Bigott tries to get him to stop but is fruitless in the attempt; he becomes horrified to see Nova bend over and showing that the inside of his head is empty, with the scientist's brain having been removed.

Bigott learns the truth

Bigott learns that his brain was removed years ago

Upon hearing Nova describe it as being part of the process one undergoes to becoming a citizen of Tiphares, Bigott begins nervously sweating and touches his own forehead where his own Tipharean tattoo is located. Calling the whole thing preposterous, he nonetheless decides to leave the console and goes into a bathroom located next to the control room. Grabbing a saw, he cuts into his temple and cuts off the top half of his head; he is terrified upon seeing with his own eyes that Nova was telling the truth and his own brain was removed and replaced. After screaming in horror, Bigott begins babbling nonsensically and wanders back into the main control room. Driven insane by the revelation, Bigott scares several of the other operators and a Medical drone quickly arrives to shoot him with numerous lethal syringe missiles; Bigott is peppered with syringes and falls to the floor dead before the rest of the operators are terminated as well.[11]


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