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BAALO03 81 Earth
The Earth as revealed in Phase 15.
Affiliations Earth Orbitary Federation
Part of Earth Orbitary Federation
Type Space City
Debut Phase 15

Binhar, known in Japan as Zig (ジイグ Jiigu?) and formally known as Space City Binhar or Space City Zig (宇宙都市ツィグ Uchū Toshi Jiigu?), is the sister city of Ketheres, located diametrically opposite it on the orbital ring. It uses the orbital elevator to pump oxygen and seawater from the surface for export to the colonies. Nezher is Binhar's corresponding gate city on the surface and its delegate to LADDER is Meshach.


  • Nezher is known in Japan as Gurat, making the naming of both cities, Zig and Gurat, similar to the original names of Ketheres and Tiphares, Jeru and Salem.