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Brain bio-chip
Nova II's brain bio-chip in Phase 61.
Type Artificial brain
Purpose Helps Tiphareans conform to a standard by eliminating undue stress.
Creator Medical Inspection Bureau
Users All adult Tiphareans 19 and over who have undergone an initiation ritual
Various non-Tiphareans
Debut Battle 48

The brain bio-chip (脳チップ Nō Chippu?) is an artificial brain used by Tipharean adults. It was also referred to as "the secret of Tiphares" and its existence was a very closely guarded secret by the Medical Inspection Bureau (M.I.B.). Discovery of the chip's existence would result in an immediate death by killer robots dispatched by the M.I.B. It was Desty Nova's public revelation of the chips' existence that triggered the Tipharean civil war in ES 591.


The brain bio-chip is a dark colored hexagonal chip stamped with the initials "MIB" and the symbol of Tiphares, which is a circle with a square cut out of it and is tattooed on the foreheads of those who have had their brains replaced with the chip. It fulfills the same functions as a human brain and retains the user's personality and memories.


BAA09 19 Initiation

A Tipharean initiation in Battle 48.

Brain bio-chips were constructed and regulated by the M.I.B.'s central computer system. At the age of 19, every Tipharean unknowingly undergoes a procedure prior to attaining full citizenship, which officially involves only the receipt of a small tattoo on their foreheads. In reality, however, the M.I.B. surgically removes the subject's entire brain, transfers all information stored in it onto a bio-organic chip, which is then placed where the brain stalk is. The chips function like a regular human brain, but also have a few minor alterations. One of these is a "Limiter" that keeps the subject from realizing just how little control they have over their life in Tiphares. The process is kept completely secret by the M.I.B. from any and all human personnel, even its own staff and senior operatives. If anyone finds out, the M.I.B. automatically sends out attack robots to kill them. When someone who has a brain bio-chip installed in their head finds out, they are often driven to insanity or commit suicide unless they can come to grips with the knowledge that they no longer have an organic brain.

It is rare for Tiphareans to discover the existence of the chip under normal circumstances. However those who were created by the G.E.N.E. Project, because of their superior abilities as engineered geniuses, have done so. In the cases of Jean Vares and Desty Nova, the discovery profoundly affected them and presumably had the same effect on the other two geniuses. Although each handled it in different ways, both Vares and Nova became more diabolical and began to view humans as guinea pigs. Vares became extremely despondent, coming to believe that human beings were "livestock" and fated to lifelong slavery. During the years ES 469-472, he committed a series of nanotechnology-based terrorist attacks which claimed the lives of over 20 million people and became collectively known as the Vares Hazard. He later claimed to have done this in order to learn how far human beings could "resist their own nature" by breaking down his own moral code to prove free will.[1]



BAA09 16 brain bio-chip

Desty Nova reveals the brain bio-chip.

All adult Tiphareans who have appeared in the series have a brain bio-chip installed:


BAALO03 27 Mbadi's brain bio-chips

Mbadi's three bio-chips in Phase 13.

The following non-Tiphareans have brain bio-chips installed:

  • Alita had her brain replaced by Nova with a bio-chip at the beginning of Last Order.
  • Aga Mbadi had the bio-chips of three of the Tipharean geniuses who were produced by the G.E.N.E. Project, including that of Jean Vares, inside his flesh-and-blood brain.
  • Sachumodo has a bio-chip implanted with his creator Jim Roscoe's memories
  • The TUNED AR Series 2 is equipped with brain bio-chips, first referred to as "solid state brains" by G.I.B. chief Bigott Eizenburg.



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