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Bub-One (バブワン Babuwan?) is a mandrill-like objet-être who serves as a valet for an unnamed Venusian couple.


Bub-One has the face of a mandrill with a humanoid body. He wears sunglasses with rimless frames and a tuxedo with a bow tie.


After winning the Preliminaries of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, the Space Angels stopped by the Metageitnion Restaurant for a meal. A large group of Stellar Nursery Society orphans then burst in, causing havoc with their boisterousness. The Venusian couple wanted to inspect them and had Bub-One pick up two for their inspection. This attracted Alita's attention and she was roused to anger when the couple offered to buy them so they could eat them. However Saya appeared to quickly calm Alita down and take the children from Bub-One and he had to be prompted by his employers to recover them. When he grabbed Saya's shoulder, she skillfully threw him by twisting her body. The valet flew into a table where some Jovians were dining and Saya remarked that he had tripped.