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Bugbuster cover
Author Yukito Kishiro
Release date
Japanese release 1988

Bugbuster (バグバスター Bagubasutā?) is a doujinshi that was published Yukito Kishiro in 1988 and was published in Shura no Kuni. It was the basis for his later manga Aqua Knight. Kishiro has stated that he plans to someday rerelease Bugbuster, but it will not be recognizable from the story of Aqua Knight.[1]

The doujinshi was later released in 1989 as a 130 page volume in A5 size. Kishiro also sold it directly on his website. It has not been translated into English. It was released three times, once in 1988, 1993 and 2015. The 2015 versions cover differs slightly from the two previous releases.

Character Designs:[]

Characters resembling Figure Four, Ruliya (Aqua Knight) and Oliver (Last order) can be found within this volume. There is also a character that does JoJo's Bizarre Adventure poses with his hands.


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