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BAALO11 104 Valhalla
Central Military Base Valhalla on Callisto in Phase 66.
Affiliations Jupiter System Union
Part of Jupiter System Union
Type Moon
Debut Final Fight (mentioned)
Phase 66

Callisto (カリスト Karisuto?) is the second largest moon in the Jovian system and the third-largest in the Solar System. It serves as the Military Moon for the Jupiter System Union and is the site of Central Military Base Valhalla.[1]


Colonization of the Galilean moons was mentioned at the end of Battle Angel Alita when Alita and Desty Nova confronted Melchizedek, but their history was expanded on in Last Order.[2] Callisto is one of three of the original 16 Jovian moons that was not consumed to provide materials for the Toposphere Project because it had become too urbanized to sacrifice, the other two being Europa and Ganymede.[3]


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