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Canali is a Mars Kingdom Parliament Army soldier.[1]


Canali is based on a fan-submitted design by Rakugaki from Kyoto. Her appearance is that of a young woman with light colored, bushy hair. She wears a Mars Kingdom Parliament Army working uniform which includes combat boots, fatigue pants, and a jacket, underneath which she wears a dark tank top.


One of the three Mars Kingdom Parliament Army soldiers shown who appears to be the closest to Zazie, Canali helped treat her when GG brought her in for medical attention. Rakugaki described Canali as follows: "Venerates Zazie and calls her Master. (Zazie finds this uncomfortable.) She respects power, is knowledgeable about various weapons and martial arts, and trains day and night. (She's a bit of a combat otaku.)"[2]


A month before the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591 and three days after the end of Operation Hagel, Zazie succumbed to the effects of an unknown Panzer Kunst technique similar to the Dim Mak that Frau X had attacked her with. After she was brought in for medical treatment by GG, Canali was one of the soldiers who assisted the medical staff when they tried to treat her. Like GG and Lyuben, Canali refused to believe that Zazie would be defeated by Frau X.

A month later, Canali was among the spectators who followed the ZOTT finals between the Space Angels and the Space Karate Forces, watching along with GG and Lyuben[3]


Canali is skilled in extremely high-velocity combat [1]


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