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BAA04 23 Chakram
Chakram in Battle 18
English name Chakram
Number 41
League Second
Weapons Unnamed 3-component weapon in arm
Debut Battle 18

Chakram is a Second League motorball player. He participated in Alita's Second League debut race.


Chakram has a light-coloured bipedal motorball body with a grill-like mouth and horn-like appendages on his head. One of his arms mounts a three-component weapon that consists of a spike, a mace, and a pile driver.


Along with Gallant and Vickers, Chakram was manipulated by Peshkavus into attempting to take out Alita during her Second League debut race. After Alita and Ajakutty dispatched Gallant and Vickers, Peshkavus turned on Chakram and ripped off his arm weapon before setting him on fire in an attempt to block Alita on the track, to no avail.


He is named after the throwing weapon from India

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