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Lt. Commander Chernov 727 was a Jovian military officer and member of the Public Relations Office.


Chernov 727 was based on a fan-submitted design by Unagi Yamashiro from Okinawa. He was a tall cyborg, with a dark humanoid body and a head commonly seen as the body for non-humanoid Jovian cyborgs. The Jupiter System Union emblem was painted on his back and a pair of light-colored underwear was the only article of clothing that he wore.


Despite his short appearance, Chernov 727 had a quirky personality and was the most developed of any Jovian shown thus far. He had no compunctions about bringing his cyborg cat Chervy along, having it perched on his head. He was at first supremely confident of a Jovian victory, which he saw as only logical. During the match while things were going well, he described Warmen 609's attacks and capabilities in a somewhat lighthearted manner.

Like other Jovians, Chernov 727 was highly confident of Warmen 609's capabilities and was greatly surprised when its first form was defeated; this was amplified with Zazie's use of Berserker cells that resulted in the next three forms to be simultaneously destroyed. His surprise turned into concern when it transformed into its final form, Tunguska. However his arrogance got the better of him when it began to fire its Jupiter Beam, leading to his death.


Combat TV brought in Chernov 727 as a special guest for the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament Block-A Semifinals match between the Space Angels and Jupiter's seeded team, Warmen 609. He was very knowledgeable about Warmen 609, providing information about its forms and capabilities. Seeing a Jovian victory as a logical outcome, Chernov 727 became worried after Zazie used Berserker cells to defeat its Voyna form, forcing it into its final form, Tunguska. After warning the spectators to evacuate, Chernov 727 was killed by a blast of Tunguska's Jupiter Beam, ironically while he was boastfully bragging about the Beam as a manifestation of Jovian power.

Chernov 727 had a cyborg cat named Chervy which he brought with him and spent most of the match perched on his head, mirroring his moods. It survived Tunguska's onslaught.[1]


  1. Phase 69 - Chervy is shown clinging to Jack Gerambo when he evacuates the viewing booth.