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Chervy is a cyborg cat who belonged to Lt. Commander Chernov 727 of the Jovian Public Relations Office.


Chervy is a white, box-like cyborg cat with a single monoeye and no visible mouth. He is based on a fan-submitted design by Crachica Mimura from Kanagawa.[1]


Chernov 727 brought his "beloved cat"[2] along when he appeared as a guest of Combat TV for the Block-A Semifinals of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591 between the Space Angels and Warmen 609. Chervy's demeanor mirrored his master's moods during the match. Despite his perch on Chernov 727's head, he survived a blast from Tunguska's Jupiter Beam that killed his master. Chervy then clung to Jack Gerambo as he left the broadcast booth when the tournament was temporarily shut down by Aga Mbadi after Alita defeated Tunguska.


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