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BAA02 185 Hugo's chips
Some of Hugo's chips in Battle 12
English name Chip
Type Currency
Creator Factory
Users Factory, Scrapyard
Debut Battle 1

The chip is the unit of currency used in the Scrapyard. It is represented by a "C" that has two bars extending through it vertically, similar to a dollar sign. Chips comes in different shapes, colours, and sizes depending on the denomination. For example, 100,000 chips are dark hexagons, while the 1 million chip that Jashugan bet with a biker gang leader is circular with a wheeled pattern of six spokes. This chip was stamped with "Factory 55" on its rim, indicating that chips are minted by the Factory.[1]

Known prices[]

For a list of known prices for Factory bounties, see Bounty list#Known bounties.
  • Food sold at Chimney High:[2]
    • Coke: 100 chips
    • Popcorn: 200 chips
  • Ride up Chimney High: At least 100 chips.[2]
  • Printout of a bounty listing from a public terminal: 1 chip[3]
  • Vector's price for getting Hugo to Tiphares: 10 million chips.[3] This was first mistranslated as only 10,000 chips.[4]
  • Weekly pay for a rail mercenary in ES 590 due to the increased risk posed by the Barjack: 100,000 chips a week.[5]


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