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Cobra was a master of Serpent Karate.


A cyborg with a lizard-like head and humanoid upper body, Cobra had a large, long, snake-like lower body. He wore a gi on his upper body.


Cobra was one of more than a hundred space karatekas who attempted to join the Space Karate Forces as reserve members before the Block B Semifinals of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591. He fell into a group of what martial arts scholar Hegeor Hopper termed unidentified martial artists. During the free for all that Zekka had the karatekas undertake as a means of trying out, Cobra challenged another unidentified martial artist, Kraken. He did not survive the carnage and was later shown among the numerous karatekas who had fallen.[1]


  1. Phase 74 - Some of the dead karatekas are shown when Taraba talks to Toji.