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Conquest of Zalem 1
Another Fight - Conquest 1
Volume: 9
Chapter x1
Total pages 15
Released 1994
Story Arc Epilogue Arc
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Conquest of Zalem 1 (ザレムの征服1 Zaremu no seifuku 1?) is an extra chapter included in the ninth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


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Alita wakes up and finds herself floating in an abyss. She comes upon a fleet of Martian space frigates engaging in a battle above the Earth. Suddenly, an explosion occurs nearby and Alita finds herself floating inside one of them and spots a figure seated. She is surprised to learn that it is her younger self back before she lost her memories. "Yoko" is called to the bridge and Alita follows. Leader, the commander of Yoko and the other soldiers give orders to blow up a portion of the space station Jeru that is part of an orbital ring surrounding Earth.

As one of the other soldiers comments about caring for the wounded, Leader disregards it by stating none of them are likely to survive and Yoko kills one by stabbing the wounded soldier in the head; Alita realizes it is a suicide bombing and is horrified by her past actions. Another wounded soldier, Beltram, questions why Yoko is doing this due to being an orphan and not having any cause for fighting alongside the others. Yoko merely responds that she is fighting for her home. Before Beltram can say anything else, Yoko stabs him in the head as well moments before a shockwave strikes the ship. The ship begins to disintegrate but Yoko manages to escape by using a zubringer. However, she is still caught in the explosion that destroys most of her body; before losing consciousness, Yoko notices a shadow in the shape of a grinning skull emerging from the explosion.

Alita wakes up and remarks how it was a terrible nightmare. She hears the voice of Dr. Russell commenting how she is finally awake. Suddenly, Desty Nova appears and laughs, welcoming her to utopia. Alita is revealed to be nothing more than a head and neck connected to some machinery and demands to know where she is as both scientists merely look on.

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  • As stated by Yukito Kishiro, this is one of two extra chapters that feature ideas and developments that would be expanded upon and reworked for the sequel series Last Order.

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