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BAALO09 185 Cosmetica
Susheela with some children outside Cosmetica in Phase 55
English name Cosmetica
Part of Star City
Type Orphanage and school
Debut Phase 55

Cosmetica, known in Japan as Cometica, was a school for orphans in Star City that was run by Radha's granddaughter Susheela.


After Vilma Fachiri revived in ES 173, she was taken to Cosmetica by Radha, where she took up residence. Vilma tried to run a martial arts school for adults to earn her keep, but her temper posed a problem as she tended to kill disrespectful students. This left only boys who couldn't pay the tuition fees.

When Star City fell into chaos in ES 191, rioters attacked Cosmetica because Susheela's husband was a government engineer. Three of Vilma's students were able to evacuate the staff and students, but were unable to prevent Cosmetica from being set ablaze. Vilma handed over a baby Tiger Sauer to Susheela before departing to see Arthur Farrell at the space station.