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Crashed warship
BAA01 94 Crashed spaceship
Daisuke Ido finds the crashed warship in Battle 4.
Type Spaceship
Purpose Combat
Creator Venusians
Users Venusians
Debut Battle 4

The crashed warship was a spaceship from the Terraforming Wars that brought the Berserker Body to Earth. It was found by Daisuke Ido after he arrived in the Scrapyard. The warship's origin was never mentioned, but Desty Nova later revealed that the Berserker Body was derived from Berserker cells, suggesting that the warship was likeley Venusian.[1]


The warship had a cylindrical design and was powered by rocket boosters. The wreckage was light coloured.


BAA01 96 Warship interior

Ido finds the Berserker Body in Battle 4.

Several years before he found Alita in the Tiphares dump heap, Daisuke Ido found the spaceship in the bottom of a ravine west of the Scrapyard. It was clear to him that it was a warship of some form. This was the first suggestion of the Terraforming Wars in the series. While exploring it, Ido found a Berserker Body whose original owner's brain had long since been gone, but the body appeared to still be fully functional. Recognizing the superior technology and craftsmanship involved, he was driven to study the body and transported it back to his clinic.


After revealing the Berserker Body to Gonzu, Ido revealed how he had found it years ago.