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A cyborg is a human being with both biological and artificial (e.g. electronic, mechanical, or robotic) parts. They play a prominent role in the Battle Angel Alita universe: many residents of the Scrapyard are cyborgs and it is revealed in Last Order that cyberization is widespread throughout the Solar System. Alita and numerous other characters are either fully cyberized, i.e. only their brains are human, while others have undergone partial cyberization.

Body functions[]

The Cyborg Anatomy tech notes explain that cyborg technology in the Scrapyard has not advanced for hundreds of years and makes use of standardized modules. The body uses a generator which uses deuterium oxide and can produce power for five to ten years. Artificial spinal columns, which are only produced by the Factory, are both expensive and rare, but have much faster reflexes than organic spinal cords. This explains why Hugo's theft of cyborg spinal columns was so lucrative.

Cyborgs are shown to eat and drink like normal people in several instances, although Alita at one point mentions that she just needs some chocolate to supply glucose to her brain.[1] They are also shown to be able to have sex. For example, Zapan's vision of Sara prior to his death indicates that they were lovers.

Degrees of cyberization[]

BAA05 126 Murdock

Murdock was a character who was partly cyberized, shown here in Battle 26.

The degree to which an individual can undergo cyberization varies. Some characters, such as Murdock and Ping Wu, have undergone partial cyberization. Many others, such as Zapan and Zekka, are complete cyborgs. The range of quality and capability, not to mention possible designs that exist, vary greatly. While cyborg parts are available even to low income earning people, the most powerful and rare cyborg bodies, in particular designs such as the Imaginos Body, are custom built, making them rarer still.


The most notable cyborg in the series is Alita, who has been a cyborg since she was a child during the Terraforming Wars.[2] With the exception of Daisuke Ido, all other hunter-warriors who have appeared have also been cyborgs due to the nature of their work. Along the same lines, all motorball players and all Coliseum fighters are cyborgs as well. Other groups that are composed wholly of cyborgs are the Jovians, whose entire population is predominantly a very specific model that is space-compatible,[3] and space karatekas, none of whom yet has been shown to be human. The Factory uses two specialized cyborgs, the deckmen and netmen, to carry out its functions and provide security, respectively. A large part of the Scrapyard's population has undergone cybernetic enhancement, and cyberization is widespread throughout the Solar System. A notable exception to cybernetic enhancements is Tiphares, whose citizens are genetically engineered.

Animals can also be cyberized. Murdock's nickname of the "The Dogmaster" was derived from his command of four cyborg dogs to hunt his quarry. The Jovians are shown to have cyborg cows[4] as well as pet cats.

Notable bodies[]

Specific cyborg bodies are listed below in order of appearance.

Body Creator User (s) Debut Notes
Deckman Factory Deckmen Battle 1 Distinguished by their numbers. Variations exist with faces.
Maggot Body Desty Nova Makaku Battle 3 Customized model capable of hijacking and taking over other cyborg bodies.
Berserker Body République Vénus[5] Alita, Zapan Battle 4 Based on Berserker technology and can generate plasma. Zapan used the body in its unlocked form.
Power Body Unknown Kinuba, Makaku Battle 3 Customized model for competition in the Coliseum.
Netman Factory Netmen Battle 10 Distinguished by their numbers.
Wett zeug Various Motorball players Battle 13 Bipedal version is the most popular.
TUNED body Ground Investigation Bureau Alita, TUNED AR Series 2 Battle 31 Not explicitly named.
Socket soldier Barjack Barjack, Yolg Battle 33 A standardized heavy infantry combat body.
Imaginos Body Desty Nova Alita Final Fight The capabilities of the Imaginos differ between Battle Angel Alita and Last Order, but both make heavy use of nanomachines and can generate plasma.
Lady Pakila's cyborg body Unknown Lady Pakila, Carol The Holy Night The largest civilian body seen.
Jovian Jupiter System Union Jovians Phase 15 All variations are space-compatible.
Fizziroy Body Yani Sechs, Zekka Phase 25 Sechs uses the latest model,[6] Zekka uses the prototype.[7]

Related occupations[]

Cyberphysicians practice the equivalent of medical care for cyborgs, and are generalists who work with a variety of cyborg bodies. On the other hand cybertechnicians are specialists who tend to focus on specific cyborg models. Motorball teams also include engineers who act as the players' pit crew.


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