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Cyborg Assassins are a group of deadly hit men under the command of Desty Nova. They were first encountered in Volume 7, Angel of Chaos, when Desty Nova initially sent them out to kill a TUNED Agent hunting for him, who was none other than Alita. The Assassins proved initially somewhat difficult, given their surprise ability to separate their limbs or separate into two separate bodies at the waist. Desty Nova later sent a group of Cyborg Assassins to kill Kaos' nanny and surrogate mother, Jasmine, which triggered Kaos' transformation into Den via heightened adrenaline and rage. Kaos quickly dispatched the assassins as Den was beginning to take over via his katana and Hikida Kage Riyu, killing them by decipitation and impalement.


Cyborg Assassins have the ability to separate their limbs or bodies via detachment, enabling them to survive loss of limbs or enabling parts of the body to escape and survive a battle, as discovered by TUNED Agent AR-1, when she first encountered them. They also demonstrate effective skill with a variety of weapons, including garotes, kusarigama, shruiken, katanas, and combat knives. Other weapons may be potentially wielded by them, although they were not demonstrated. The Assassins are loyal and carry out missions from direct orders of Desty Nova, including Assassination, Reconaissance, and in the Playstation Video Game, GUNNM : Martian Memory, the assassins are activated to defend Nova himself when Alita triggers the security alarm upon entering the Granite Inn.

In addition to combat, individual Assassins, similar to socket soldiers, have an explosive self-destruct device implanted in their bodies which Desty Nova can remotely trigger and use Assassins for killing targets when the target gets into close proximity to an assassin's body. Assassins also can be used as communication devices by Desty Nova, in which Desty Nova controls an assassin to speak his words or reveal a communication device from the body which Desty Nova speaks through remotely.

Cyborg Assassins can be killed by destroying their CPU in the cranium using an armor piercing bullet through their skulls into the CPU, or in the case of their encounter with Kaos, by penetrating a blade through the skull with a slice or stabbing motion.