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Cyborg missile
BAA08 131 cyborg missiles
Cyborg missiles ready for launch in Battle 46
Type Missile
Creator Barjack
Users Barjack
Debut Battle 46

A cyborg missile was a type of guided missile deployed by the Barjack as a kamikaze weapon.


Volunteers signed up to have their heads placed where the warhead would be, suggesting that their brains functioned as a guidance system. A soldier interviewed by B.B Buick for this duty saw it as a means for a "lowlife" like him to be useful, even though the assignment was a suicide mission.[1] The missiles were fired from tube launchers in support of attacks.

The term "cyborg missile" was also used to describe the missile bees that were used by the TUNED.


  1. Battle 46 - Several of Buick's interviewees are shown.

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