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BAALO17 117 D-Ripper
The D-Ripper in Phase 103.
Purpose Allows the user to move between dimensions
Creator Mesfield
Users Tunpò
Debut Phase 103

The D-Ripper (D-リッパー D-Rippā?) is a device invented by Mesfield, one of the Tipharean super geniuses created by the GENE Project. It'd been implanted in Tunpò's body and enables him to move between dimensions and manipulate dimensional space, making him the most powerful character in the series.


The D-Ripper is a light colored eyeball-shaped oblong device with a spherical center and circular opening. The orb sits flanked by a funnel-like extensions on each side. Its actual physical parameters remain unknown.

It was intended to prove the D-Theory, one of the theories of everything, and at one point was intended to provide an inexhaustible source of free energy. The D-Theory attempts to describe phenomenal and physical space-time consciousness (qualia) in a unified theory.

However the device was found to have such singular properties that it was excised from official scientific history. D responds to the consciousness of people around it, which changes its effects and places them into an altered state. A calm mental state was necessary to conduct research on it and it was later determined that the D-Ripper could destroy the fabric of reality.

BAALO17 85 Alita vs

Tunpò shows no signs of having taken any damage after being stabbed in the head by Alita in Phase 102.

Tunpò has gained sufficient control over the D-Ripper to the point that he can reflexively dematerialize and avoid all forms of attack as well as manifest in cyberspace, a form of hacking. He also created two powerful techniques using the device's ability to manipulate dimensional phenomena, the Void Fist and the Matter Fist. However using the techniques and maintaining his presence in the physical dimension consumes a great deal of energy, thus he prefers to stay in the outer dimension "where time and space have no meaning".[1]


Mesfield would have created the D-Ripper at some point after the Second Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 501 as Tunpò acquired it afterwards. His Electromagnetic Karate and Space Buddhist training together with his personality and beliefs enabled him to control the implanted utility. Aga Mbadi likely became aware of it after acquiring Mesfield's brain bio-chip and sought the elimination of Tunpò as he feared any challengers to his power.

Six months before the start of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591, Zekka learned from Mbadi where Tunpò could be found. He discovered that his former rival had withdrawn from the world and become a robo-jizo. Enraged, Zekka apparently killed Tunpò by destroying both the temple he was in and its asteroid, but could find no traces of Tunpò's body.[2] Zekka's former rival's physical body had been obliterated but his soul had transferred into Zekka's body.[3]


Tunpò later transferred into Toji's body after Zekka pushed him into Anomaly during the Block B Quarterfinals. He emerged into the physical dimension during the Finals when Alita tried to finish Toji off with a Damascus Blade feather. Mbadi realised that Tunpò's quantum existence probability had become unstable, thus his odd reappearance. This led him to attempt to sabotage the outcome of the Finals after the Space Angels were declared the winners and Zekka failed to defeat Tunpò. Tunpò however responded by destroying the Sword of Damocles and removing all three of Mbadi's brain bio-chips, rendering him unable to use any hacking abilities. He also excised Colonel Payne from Alita's psyche before disappearing back into his preferred dimension.


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