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DNA Organ
BAALO02 140 DNA organ
The DNA Organ in Phase 11.
Purpose Selection of genetic information to create fertilized human eggs on Tiphares
Creator Medical Inspection Bureau
Users Medical Inspection Bureau
Debut Phase 6

The DNA Organ (DNA オルガン DNA Orugan?) is an organ-like instrument used by the Medical Inspection Bureau (M.I.B.) to generate the genetic information used to create fertilized human eggs, which then become the citizens of Tiphares. It played a key role in LADDER's G.E.N.E. Project.


Located inside the M.I.B.'s Core Block, the organ is a pipe organ with three keyboards and a bank of stop knobs on each side. It has a series of pipes of varying length that are located behind it and are arranged in a symmetrical pattern. Unlike a regular organ, there is no seat at which someone could sit to play the organ.[1]

The organ operates by using its keys to combine the codons in sequence. This information is then used to create a fertilized egg. Each Tipharean's genetic information and eventual fate is tracked and stored in the DNA Data Bank.[1]


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