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Daizaburo Sato (ダイザブロー・サトオ Daizaburo Sato?) was a graduate of the Stellar Nursery Society (SNS) and a friend of Molonev Menhir. Along with Menhir, he was dropped off by the SNS on Ceres in ES 560 with a group of other graduates.


"Dai" as he was known, was a large, smooth-cheeked man. When he was dropped off on Ceres he wore a reversed cap, scarf, jacket, and pants. He was later depicted working a job dressed in a hard hat and coveralls.


Like his friend Molonev Menhir, Sato lacked the drive and strength of his fellow graduates to seize a future for himself and was consigned to working menial jobs by the time of his death.


BAALO07 106 Sato & Menhir

Menhir and Sato in Phase 41.

Sato was an orphan who was rescued by the SNS from an unspecified location.[1] After he turned 15 in ES 560, he was considered to have "graduated" and on March 20, was dropped off on Ceres with four other graduates: Alef Argento, Molonev Menhir, Jimmy Pimiento, and Zappa Terracotta. Menhir was distraught over having to leave the nest, and Sato tried to comfort him. Argento took advantage of the situation by trying to take their money by force, but was stopped by Terracotta. All five then went their separate ways, with Sato and Menhir deciding to stick together. Lacking the ambition, strength, and intelligence of the others, the two were limited to working as manual laborers.

In late August of ES 575, Sato was killed in an accident.[1] His death caused Menhir to lose his motivation and become homeless two weeks later, setting him on the road to eventually becoming Springfoot Jack.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Phase 41 - The naming convention for surnames used by the SNS to designate where an orphan was found does not mention Sato; Molonev Menhir's diary entry for September 4, ES 575 states that Dai died two weeks ago.

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