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Danko, the Berserker Munition is an A.I. nanobiotic weapons system whom currently travels with the cyborg warrioress; Alita. Origin currently unknown, it acts as a self aware tactical guidance armament and accessory utilized by its combat orator and travel companion.


Danko's mechanical apparatus consists of a gun & trigger mechanism attached to a long, serpentine like body for mobility.

The weapon posses self-automated dexterous digits with which to release its nanotechnological bullets that release a mix of Berserker/Collapser spliced bullets. While coiled around a users arm, the mini-mecha can discharge these guided bullets along any visual target parameter.

The slugs are sure kill shots which destroy targest on a biomolecular level, R/C guided by the mechanoid itself to hit a target from odd angles. But it's charges can be deflected as they're slower than a railgun.


Danko doesn't like to be called a pet and react with hostility to those who call it that. Danko showed strong will, choosing to stay with Alita and stated that it has its honour as a gun.



It is unknown what the conditions were that led to Alita meeting Danko, but it is implied that both respect each other immensely; due to this, it agreed to join her as a confidant during her lonely trek across the galaxy.

Erica Wald[]

Reacts with hostility towards due to her thinking him a pet.


  • One of the earliest concept characters, a variant of Danko can be found with the first cover of Battle Angel Alita 1. This cover was shown in early magazines and published in Japanese and various languages.