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Darbhanga was a member of the Starship Cult. He was defeated by Elf and Zwölf in Round 2 of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT).


Darbhanga's appearance was that of an Indian magician. He was a dark skinned cyborg who had long, skinny limbs, enormously long earlobes that reached to his stomach, and white pupils. Adorned with tattoos or paint on his cheeks, earlobes, and belly button, he only dressed in a white loincloth and a turban with a pair of bracelets on each wrist and a pair of anklets on each ankle.


A member of the traveling circus troupe known as The Phenomena, the predecessor to the Starship Cult, Darbhanga saw Whophon's seizure power from Springfoot Jack on June 28, ES 588 when he was caught up in a massive wave of water that washed away the troupe members.[1] When Whophon entered the Starship Cult in the ZOTT three years later, Darbhanga helped defeat Keats, their first round opponent.[2] Because of the loss of Bacon in this match, he was sent out first in Round 2, where he faced Elf and Zwölf.

11 & 12 victorious

Darbhanga is sliced into pieces by Elf and Zwölf's mono molecular wire

Darbhanga entered the match playing a flute in the midst of jars emitting incense. He quickly placed his opponents and the audience under hypnosis, making it appear that his rope was chasing them. It eventually grabbed Zwölf, taking her up into black clouds that suddenly appeared overhead. Darbhanga then drew a sword from his throat and followed Zwölf up the rope with Elf in pursuit. Hegeor Hopper recognized this as the Indian rope trick. In reality while everyone was hypnotized, Darbhanga attempted to sneak up on Elf and Zwölf and kill them with his sword. However when he jumped at them at 20 minutes into the match, he got caught in their mono-molecular wire trap and was sliced into pieces, his resulting scream breaking the hypnosis. This was revealed via video replay. Elf and Zwölf then had some fun with Darbhanga's body parts by putting them into a box, pretending to perform magic on it, and then kicking the box.


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