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David Frank (ディビット・フランク Dibitto Furanku?) was a Tipharean teenager who was a member of the group of young adults and children led by Jim Roscoe following Desty Nova's public revelation of the brain bio-chips in ES 591. He did not survive the civil war that engulfed Tiphares.


David was a fair skinned young man with light colored short hair. He wore a light colored sweater with horizontal dark bands over a light colored collared shirt with medium colored pants and patterned athletic shoes. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts him as having light brown hair.[1]



He appeared to be Jim Roscoe's most trusted follower as he was assigned to accompany Nola Defarge and Pam Mahan when they set off to recover Alita and was armed with the only syringe gun that Jim's faction possessed. David's death initially angered Jim but he then expressed contempt for him and the other teenagers who had been unable to hold off Casey Roscoe's men. David expressed concern for Nola after she left the camp to accompany Alita, suggesting that he had feelings for her.


Tiphares Arc[]

David survived the chaos that overtook Tiphares after Desty Nova publicly reveals to its citizens that Tipharean adults had their brains replaced with brain bio-chips at age 19. He joined the band of children and young adults led by Jim Roscoe, becoming his right hand man. David was a friend of Nola Defarge and Pam Mahan. He met a grisly end while helping Jim to breach the Medical Inspection Bureau Core Block in Tiphares at the hands of a group of adults led by Jim's C.C.M., Casey Roscoe, who were attempting the same thing.


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