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Two different deckmen were labeled as Deckman 50 (デッキマン 50 Dekkiman 50?), each of whom fulfilled different roles assuming that no two deckmen are assigned the same number at the same time.


The first Deckman 50 had an upturned expression and a pinched face, while the second had puffy cheeks and full lips, similar to Deckman 10.


Battle Angel Alita[]

Prior to Alita's challenge race against Jashugan at the Agrippa Circuit in ES 578,[1] the first Deckman 50 was one of the deckmen in the control tower.[2]


A different Deckman 50 is featured in the Gunnm: Another Stories side story Homecoming, set several years later during Alita's time as a TUNED agent in ES 586.[1]

Awakening after an attack on a Scrapyard vehicle convoy, Deckman 50 responded to a dying mercenary guard's plea for water by using the man's helmet to get some fuel from a leaking vehicle. Although the mercenary discovered that this was not water and died after drinking it, his last words prompted Deckman 50 to head off in search for water, and he doggedly set off through the Badlands. This deviation from his mission resulted in a termination order from Ground Investigation Bureau chief Bigott Eizenburg to Alita.

Deckman 50 arrived at a seashore, but was unable to get some seawater due to his fear of the tide. He was noticed by a group of young children from a nearby village playing on the beach, and they ran over and begin to play around and over him. Gally had him in the sights of her rifle, but held her fire because of the children. As the sun set a boy ran off with the mercenary's helmet and a little girl gave Deckman 50 a seashell before the group returned home. Deckman 50 buried the shell in the sand and noticed the sunset, which he watched. Gally then fired, her shot blowing his body in half. He died in the surf, shedding a tear.


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