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Dedekind's mansion
Gunnm AS 055 Dedekind's mansion
Part of Scrapyard
Type Mansion and laboratory
Debut The Holy Night

Dedekind's mansion (デデキント邸 Dedekinto-Tei?) was a large mansion owned by the the Tipharean physician Dedekind. Located on a small artificial island in a lake near Mount Tiphares in the Scrapyard, it contained a a laboratory used to clone human bodies and parts. It was later destroyed in a fire.


Dedekind was cast out from Tiphares at an unspecified time. He made a living in the Scrapyard by specialising in transplanting regrown human limbs for his mostly female clients, who preferred these over the cybernetic replacements that they had previously had to settle for. In addition to being a residence, Dedekind's mansion contained facilities for cloning using his clients' DNA. He performed the transplants in an operating room in the mansion. It could only be accessed via boat from a small dock.


After Daisuke Ido had trained with the veteran cyberphysician Gauss for six months, he painfully discovered that his underlying lack of compassion for cyborgs would never allow him to become a cyberphysician. That night he met Dedekind in a bar, and soon after accepted his fellow Tipharean's offer to work alongside him.

Later that year, after Carol had been kidnapped by the same giant cyborg that had attacked her a year before, Ido noticed in her videophone call for help that there was a Christmas tree behind her. Knowing that Christmas was only celebrated in Tiphares, he realised that she had called from Dedekind's mansion.

Gunnm AS 100-101 Dedekind's mansion burns

Dedekind's mansion burns.

Rushing there, Ido burst in and demanded that he be taken to Carol. Dedekind did not know who Carol was, but took Ido to his tree. Carol then came running through a door followed by the giant cyborg, which smashed through a wall. After Ido attacked and severely damaged the cyborg, he realized that the woman he thought was Carol was actually someone else. Dedekind revealed her to be Lady Pakila, a woman whose DNA had been used to create a clone of herself which had escaped a year go. Ido was about to finish the cyborg off, but hesitated when he realised that Carol's brain was now in it. Pakila grabbed his rocket hammer to deliver the finishing blow herself, but pushed its booster switch by accident. The rocket hammer flew out of control, killing Dedekind before slamming into a gas tank, which exploded. The resulting fire killed Pakila and destroyed the mansion, but not before the cyborg, which was able to shield Ido, took him to the raft he had used to reach the island and cast it off before succumbing to its injuries and the flames.


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