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Dejah Thoris
MC033 Dejah Thoris
Full view of Dejah Thoris in Log 033 part 1.
Affiliations Fardarrig (former), Grünthal
Part of Cydonia
Type City
Debut GUNNM Mars Chronicle Log 031 part 1

The Dejah Thoris was a cargo ship that crash landed in ES 325 in Aram, part of the Southern Cydonia region of Mars.[1] The ship wreckage has since become a city where various groups of people live. It was named after the titular Princess of Mars from A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs.[2]


For unknown reasons, the engine of the Dejah Thoris exploded and the ship crashed with few survivors. The only known survivor was a young Big Madam who in the future exerted a good amount of control over the city that came of the ship's wreckage.[3]

MC033 Dejah Thoris crash

The Dejah Thoris engine explosion in Log 033 part 1

For a period of time, the Fardarrig forces controlled most of the ship until Grünthal forces drove them out. The city does not seem to have any official government and instead is subject to sporadic control and power grabs.[4]


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