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BAALO10 98 Desecrator
Zekka makes his debut appearance while riding Desecrator in Phase 59.
Type Space-compatible motorcycle
Purpose Personal transportation (ground and space)
Users Zekka
Debut Phase 59

Desecrator is Zekka's motorcycle and personal mode of transportation. Its name reflects his personal philosophy as an anarchist and definition of what it means to be a true warrior.[1]


Desecrator is a large, light coloured motorcycle with its name engraved on its sides. It is space-compatible and can be fitted with rocket boosters, although Zekka needs to wear a spacesuit when using it in this capacity.


Six months before the start of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT), Zekka acted on a tip from Aga Mbadi and traveled to a remote asteroid belt to search for Tunpò.[2] Finding him inside a Space Buddhist temple located on an asteroid in the form of a gigantic buddha head, he was shocked to discover that his greatest rival and former fellow student had retired from the world and become a robo-jizo. Zekka was so enraged that he destroyed both the asteroid, but could not find any remains of Tunpò's body. Nonetheless he believed him to be dead and was able to recover Desecrator and return safely.

Zekka later used Desecrator to make grand entrances. The first was his debut appearance, when he intervened after Sechs confronted Aga Mbadi about the attack by three High Order troops on Ping Wu during Round 2 of the ZOTT. Zekka roared through an opening airlock, injuring 23 of the New Order troops who had surrounded Sechs.[3] During the resulting thumb wrestling match, Sechs used his interactive interface body to vandalize Desecrator with a permanent marker. However Zekka later cleaned the graffiti off during the Block-A Semifinals.[4] When Mbadi later attempted to cancel the ZOTT after Alita defeated Tunguska, Zekka stormed onto the arena on Desecrator, again ploughing through and injuring the New Order troops providing security for Mbadi.[5]

When Yani later went to find Zekka so that he could check his Fizziroy Body on the eve of the Finals, the latter was sitting on a crate next to Desecrator.


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