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Desty Nova Movie

Desty Nova is a mysterious scientist who resides in Zalem and watches over Iron City through the eyes of puppets like Vector. He is immortal, having lived for at least (3) three centuries before Alita is found by Dyson Ido, and is described by Gelda as "The Dragon who must be slain". He, along with Alita, is one of only two known survivors of the horrific Apocalyptic War known as The Fall, and the only known survivor of the Imperium.


Nova is shrouded in mystery but his ghostlike presence intimidates almost everybody who knows of his existence. Even the volatile Grewishka and the arrogant Vector humble themselves in his presence. Sometimes known as The Watcher because of his ability to see the world through the eyes of others, Nova displays a very calm and polite persona but his aura of menace causes everybody to be wary of him. The only person who shows no fear is Alita whom Nova has some respect for, confessing that she surprised him and even allowing her to leave the Factory after breaking into Vector's office without resistance. Being respected by Nova can be a death sentence however, as shown by Chiren's gruesome fate.

Nova is also implied to have been an abusive father figure to Grewishka and shows no remorse when both he and Vector are killed by Alita. He even praises Alita for killing Grewishka, admitting that she impressed him and casually continues their conversation while Vector is dying on the floor. Nova also comments that because of his immortality, he actually takes pleasure in watching people die.

In the film's finale, as Alita raises her sword toward Zalem, Nova views the motorball game from above, and looks downwards, removing his glasses and grinning, before the end credits.

Additionally, Desty Nova directly kills Hugo, unlike his manga counterpart who never met him.


Nova's most notable ability is that he can possess people, human and cyborg alike. He does this through science instead of magic but his form of possession gives him a ghostlike presence which is symbolised by the eerie blue eyes his hosts have whenever he takes control of them.

The Blue Eyes indicating possession are possibly a reference to the fact that in the manga, Desty Nova and his son, Kaos, both have blue eyes.

Ouroboros Program Theory

Another possibility is that the possession of people could mean the events in the film could be occurring virtually within the Ouroboros Program, with Alita being trapped within the virtual construct, as in the manga, Desty Nova did in fact control the actions of various individuals within the virtual construct, as a means of torturing Alita and testing her response to emotional and physical distress, as well as destroying her personality to make her become more docile and obedient to Desty Nova.

Another hint of the film's events occurring within the Ouroboros Program is the difference in Desty Nova's goals within the film's plot. Desty Nova in the film holds a high-ranking position within Zalem, apparently never having been exiled from the City, as well as being over 300 years old as opposed to an age range of 75 to 90 years old in the manga, as well as apparently not being an Anarchist as he was in the manga, this could be a virtual ruse to make Alita have a straightforward goal of destroying Zalem as a means to plunge the world into a new Medieval Era. This speculation would however be very unlike in the manga original ending were Nova helps Alita save Zalem, after he accidentally trigger a self destruct after confronting the central AI running the city. In the revised ending none of this happens.