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Dina (ヂイナ Diina?) is a resident of the Scrapyard who Daisuke Ido lived with before he began studying to be a cyberphysician. She only appears in the side/extra story The Holy Night


Dina has fair coloured, chin-length hair, which obscures the right side of her face and eye. She wears a Tartan patterned cap, scarf and trench coat.


While displaying some compassion in taking Daisuke Ido in to live with her, Dina is also a straightforward, no-nonsense type of person. She quickly dismissed Ido's explanation of Christmas and immediately assumed the worst when she came across him and Carol in her apartment. She is a smoker.


Gunnm AS 009 Dina & Ido

Dina tells Ido how she feels about the Christmas tree.

After he was banished from Tiphares in ES 570[1], Daisuke Ido and his cat Gally briefly lived with Dina, who had an apartment in the Scrapyard. In December ES 571, Ido decorated the apartment with a Christmas tree in an attempt to observe the season. However she dismissed it as a waste of time and told him to earn his keep. Later during the winter, Ido was out at night in search of a bounty when he saved a young woman from a giant cyborg. He decided to take her home, where Dina walked in on the woman being dressed by Ido in one of his shirts, as her clothes were being washed. Without waiting for an explanation, she threw Ido and his belongings, Gally, and the woman out.


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