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BAALO05 102 Dizaster
Dizaster in Phase 28.
Type Anti-ship weapon
Users Getz
Debut Phase 28

Dizaster was an anti-ship weapon wielded by Getz, which he referred to as his "sword".


Despite its size, Getz could deploy Dizaster instantaneously, although how he did so was not shown. It was mounted to his right arm and its weight had no effect on his balance, suggesting that it was generated from his specialised suit. Dizaster had rocket boosters to provide thrust and could fire a high powered energy blast, Calamity Thrust.


During Round 1 of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, Getz and Koen took the field first against Sechs, Elf and Zwölf. They dodged Getz's Spinning Swallow Moon attack, prompting him to deploy Dizaster against them. The three were able to dodge his initial charge but were prevented from attacking his rear due to the electromagnetic barrier he generated and Koen's efforts.

Getz then fired the Calamity Thrust at them, which blew through two of the five shields surrounding the arena. Although he claimed to have aimed to miss them, as all three had dodged, Getz offered to spare them if they would surrender. Elf and Zwölf wanted to give up and Sechs had no thoughts of doing so and led a counterattack that they supported. With their help, Koen was snared and this enabled Sechs to impale the monkey with the Titan Blade; he quickly used it to bypass the barrier and stab Getz through the chest from behind. Dizaster was driven into the arena floor and subsequently abandoned by the Guntroll, who fled for Mars in the middle of Caerula Sanguis' fight against Alita.

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