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Doll bomb
BAA09 148 Doll bomb
The doll bomb in Battle 51.
Type Remote controlled booby trap
Creator Desty Nova
Users Desty Nova
Debut Battle 51

The doll bomb was a remote controlled booby trap used by Desty Nova to kill Alita.


The bomb was disguised as a small child in the form of a remote controlled doll, similar to the cyborg ninjas that Desty Nova had deployed earlier against Alita and Kaos. It was dressed in a hooded garment with a cape, pants, and shoes, and carried a ball. Nova's voice could be projected from its mouth. The doll had a durable body that housed the bomb and a timer, with the countdown meter on its forehead. While powerful, the bomb had a small blast radius.


Although Alita had apparently killed Nova at the Granite Inn, he survived thanks to his backup brain bio-chip in his stomach. He escaped the destruction of the Granite Inn and went after Alita using Support System Gabriel, deducing the route that she would take through the mountains. Nova set an ambush by placing the doll in the middle of the road and waiting nearby with Gabriel hovering overhead.

The doll appeared to be retrieving a ball that it had dropped when Alita came upon it and hit it head on, as she was unable to swerve to avoid it. Stopping, she went back for the doll but as she was starting to question what a child would be doing all alone in the middle of the night in the mountains, the doll jumped up and latched on to her. Nova's laughter then began issuing from its mouth as the timer went off, blowing Alita to pieces. Nova then appeared and retrieved her remains, including some of her brain, as Gabriel arrived on the scene.

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