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Dorotabo (泥田坊 Dorota bō?) was a Barjack soldier who was responsible for Koyomi during her time with the Barjack.


Dorotabo had an unusual appearance for a cyborg. He had a single eye which had a funnel like shield around it, while the other side of his face was covered by a mask that had a grill-like opening for his other eye and left a large space for his mouth which was always open, leaving his teeth exposed. Dorotabo wore a head covering that looked like a reversed cap and a jacket. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts him as having a metallic face covering and wearing a dark brown jacket.[1]


Battle Angel Alita[]

BAA08 160 Dorotabo's death

Dorotabo's death in Battle 46.

Dorotabo witnessed Den's fight with Vanado[2] and later Alita.[3] He delivered a message to Kaos to rejoin the Barjack and was disappointed at the latter's refusal.[4] At some point Dorotabo was interviewed by B.B. Buick.[5] After Koyomi joined the Barjack, Dorotabo was with her in a machine gun turret during an attack[6]. He was killed when the Heng was destroyed by the Abaddon.

Last Order[]

Koyomi later thought about Dorotabo after she returned Kaos' katana and the plans for the Tower of Tiphares to him at Wabi-Sabi Antiques.[7]


  • He is named after the Dorotabō, a Japanese ghost of an old man whose rice fields were neglected and sold, and the names in kanji for both are the same. Yukito Kishiro lists the dorotabō as his favorite specter.[8]


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